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Be blessed and know your worth

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1 month ago

Be careful about the things you are listening of reading over the internet because if you are consuming hate through different pages or videos your mind will start shaping up your thoughts in that way but if you are consuming something positive, motivational, something that pushed you closer to happiness, take you out of the prison of the matrix you are bound to live in, give you a sense of individuality then obviously you will have a great day ahead.

Don't give a damn to those who are here to let you down, reward them for their efforts by kicking them in their butt and just try to focus more on those who are sparing their time for you as time is one of the biggest assets or might the biggest asset we all have.

Be blessed and know your Worth.

Distance of Life:

The rough course would disturb your heartbeat, you are addicted to the easy route, this is the basic difference, understand it, and start your course of life with me.

Oh! You are not happy and thinking, the first step is so difficult, how would we cover the unknown distance and touch the destination. I am for you, you are for me as if we would achieve the goal.

Love has no age

True love can happen at any age, It has no limit, it has no age and it has no expiration date. True love is also supporting each other in old age.No one is too old for love, because it doesn't come from the mind but from your heart which knows "No age"

"No matter years are passing,

I am getting old,

I still memorize the day we got married,

The day I said I do I made you mine,

It was proof that I Love You,

Growing old together,

What a special way to age but I love it"

~A pretty face will grow old changes to a wrinkled face

~A young body will change with age

~A bunch of hair will change from black to grey

~The only one thing that will never change that is "Love"


After ten years gap, he visited the library again and reached the section where he used to sit.

While sitting he heard a voice and went close to hear it. A book which was behind the front books of the shelf was weeping and complaining, " no one takes me and cleans my dust", he heard. Took it from the shelf, cleaned it with tissue paper and asked, " are you ok now?". " yes, I'm ok. I feel as solace as when a mother carries her crying baby in her lap. I am happy you kept me calm. Now have a seat and play with me". " but you are not my favourite subject". " I know. Only for my satisfaction, open me and start reading".

" I will bestow you only twenty minutes, right". " well". When he opened it, it clapped with a smile. He started reading it and it started talking to him.

" Are you a newcomer in this library". " No, but a vast intermission due to many justifications". " I know I am boring. Sometimes boring things give loneliness and it is a good rest like when an ill man gets rest two or three days and this rest gives him a lot of pleasures esp. of his bad and good days. But your bad days remain in your consciousness and proves a good friend. So you need loneliness or not".

" I am exhausted of this life so I came here to get relieved". " no one can give you relax except me and your this time with me will remain with you always". " Thank you, my lovely friend". " You are very much welcome".

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Written by   18
1 month ago
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Wow amazing i love the content of this article,keep it up good luck

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