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Be a part of someone's successes story

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1 month ago

Be A Part Of Someone's Success Story!

I read in one of Brian Tracy's books, how a letter of rejection dashed his hope.

He had embarked on a journey to Africa alongside his friends.

One of the challenges they faced during the journey was a financial problem. In a bid to solve this problem, they wrote letters to family members and friends requesting a loan.

One of the responses they got had put them off and painted them as fools. The end to them was not visible. But hope came through another letter. The writer believed in them and what they were doing. He supported them financially and promised more help.

Today, Brian will always remember the contribution of both respondents.

What's your disposition to the goals and dreams of others?

Do you believe in them or not?

Do you push people forward by your actions or pull them down?

There are a lot of questions to ask, but the bottom line is this: Be a part of someone's success story. Make your contribution towards the rising of others, it goes a long way.

Behind every successful individual are people who pushed them, believed in their abilities and supported them.

Be a part of someone's success story, play your part.

I wish I could say success comes to those who desire it. What a great thing it will be if everyone knows the shortcut to success!

Is there a shortcut?

Some people believe success is meant for a special class of people. They believe success is too costly to pay for and they choose to pay dearly for neglecting it.

Success is cost but its price can be paid. It is very expensive but even the poorest man can pay for it.

Success is selective, it doesn't go to those who wish for it, it sticks to those who go beyond their wish and work for it. It visits those who make the right sacrifice; the sacrifice of prayer, hard work, endurance and patience.

Success means different things to different people. To a student, it is academic excellence. To a teacher, success is when the students understand what they have been taught and come out in flying colours.

To a parent, success is when their children become greater than them and also make them proud.

Success rides on your determination and willingness, your flexibility and humility.

Your ancestors don't have to be successful for you to be. That's why you're different.

You don't have to come from the greatest family to be successful. Your background must not stop you from achieving what you desire.

It's time to take a drive towards success.

You can also be successful. It's nobody's birthright, you are worth it but you must work for it.

Success doesn't come easily. You have to attract it. Put in your best in all you do.

Flex your muscle towards growth, burn the midnight candle. Flock with the right people. See yourself been who you imagine yourself to be. Don't ever give up!

To your success,


In life, you can't do it alone. You can start alone but along the line, others will join you. 

This is one of the principles to success, you must be prepared to welcome people into your boat at the right time. Likewise, get ready to be a part of another person's convoy.

However, endurance in relating with the people you'll come across goes a long way in determining how you will finish.

Will it be on a good note or reverse?

It is often difficult for two to walk/work together if they always disagree, misunderstand each other or have no common interest. This will affect their speed and results.

During the journey, a lot will happen. Your partners with whom you journey may be incompatible. But, you have to bear in mind that it is a journey, a phrase you won't live in forever.

You can't be perfect. The fault might come from your end too. Then, your partner's endurance is tested.

See it like a ride in a commercial vehicle. That fellow sitting by your side made you inconvenient, but you didn't budge. You had your attention on the road ahead. You believed that when you get to your destination, you will alight and get off the vehicle.

If you treat the people you meet every day this way, not criticising or condemning the other party, the journey will become interesting.

Don't forget, it takes endurance and focuses to do this.

Happy weekend.

To your success,

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Written by   21
1 month ago
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