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Adjust your action not your goals

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1 month ago


Lois Is lying down on her bed lamenting to her friend Esther about how she has been unable to achieve her main goals.

Lois: (she is looking depressed) I can vividly see it, I can't accomplish it! I have to speculate on something else.

Esther: Are you sure you can't do it? or you choose not to do it?

Lois: of all people should know I want to do it, it is for my benefit.

Esther: What exactly is the problem now?

Lois: You know obtaining form for fashion school is one of my main goals to improve my fashion designing and for like three years now I have been planning it but anytime form is out, that is when I used to have a financial crisis.

Esther: So what happened when you don't have money to obtain the form.

Lois: What would happen if not to change or adjust or leave it till next time.

Esther: Since you have been abandoned it till next time were you able to achieve it?

Lois: No.

Esther: That is where you got it wrong, "when it is obvious that your  goals can not be reached, don't adjust the goals; adjust the action"

Lois: How?

Esther: Okay! I want you to know this first, adjusting your goals or changing it will not take you to where you want to be, it would rather make you remain at the same spot and once you are used to it, you will always keep on adjusting your goals at any slightest inconvenient.

Whenever it seems you can't reach your goals, sit yourself down, take an exercise book and write your irrelevant goals( goals that you don't need for now) and relevant goals (goals that you need now to improve yourself very fast).

Once you are done, deduct irrelevant from relevant goals and put them aside, for now, you now focus on your relevant goals, you work on it day and night and always be positive about it,   whatever you work on day and night for a month must give you result whether good or bad and another thing Is to learn how to save more and spend less.

Lois: Wow...this will help me if I can work consistently about it.

Esther: Yes!!

Lois: Thank you (she hug her)

Esther: It's my pleasure.


    Back from the class, I was tired and hungry and at the same time, I need to recoup water to cook and saturate.

    Gotten to the tap shocked me by seen different long queue "arrrrghh" I exclaimed, this A will take my time let me go to B maybe I will see short queue (i was looking for the shortest way to get water).

    I left for B holding my drinking bucket and bathing bucket and the story was the same, oh! I can't join this long queue I need to go to where there is no queue, where I can get water sharp-sharp, I left for C there was still a queue.

    From C to D, the D queue was even much more than A and B I left near my hostel, I have reached the end d the road is either I stay there or returned to where I was coming from.

    I stood there for like five minutes contemplating on what to do, queue might have increased before return to A or B, and walking from one hostel to another has reduced the small strength I was managing.

    I decided to stay there while waiting for my turn in a long queue, I was thinking about how to carry the two buckets From D to A and I asked myself this question, What exactly am I looking for from A to D?

    Here was what my conscience told me, " YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SHORTEST WAY" because you didn't want to follow the queue (process)

    Yes, I didn't want to follow the queue which is the process many people like me are trying to escape, they prefer the easiest way rather than follow the process.

    I discovered I have wasted my time, my energy( by walking from one hostel to another) and even delayed myself of getting water on time.

    After waited for more than an hour, I fetched water at my turn but unable to fill the other bucket due to tiredness and long distance from D to A, I stopped on the way and rest for like eight minutes before continuing.

    Looking for the shortest way to make it or to get something is wasting of time, energy, resource and it will still delay you in the end.

    Some people used to say, If you follow queue you will not reach where you are going to on time but there are some queue you can't escape in the process of success if you escape it now it will affect you later.

    When I got to B while coming back, I realized that the queue was moving faster than where I was looking for the shortest way, follow the process diligently and you will arrive safely without wasting your time and drain your strength.

    I was in haste to get water and I later waste my time and energy, "hasting leads to wasting" If you say because you are tired or hungry and you looking for the shortest way is like looking for extra tiredness and hunger, that time you are using to look for shortest way use it to follow the process.

    Don't be like me, follow the process and you won't have cause to regret or had I known later.

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Written by   21
1 month ago
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