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5 Ways to make massive moves in May

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I remember an experience in the Bible of a man named Saul.

He found himself in the company of prophets, and he began to prophesy among them.

Surprised, the people that knew him before, asked, “Is Saul also among the prophets?” (1 Samuel 10:11).

What happened? Environment!

Many times, all you need is the right environment—to see someone doing what you were born to do. It validates your vision and perhaps lends you some belief even if you had little or none.

Yes, you are born to be a writer, but somehow it's not showing forth, the right environment can stir it up.

This is one reason this community exists—to create an environment of inspiration for writers and authors.

Are you taking advantage of this environment?

If you haven't been taking advantage, here are 5 things you can do now to take advantage of this environment—Influential Writers and Authors Community.

1. Visit the community Every day:

There are some important things you need to do every day.

For example, eating healthy and balanced food, drinking clean water, exercise and sleeping. If you miss out on them, your day is incomplete.

One thing you should add to that list is visiting the community every day. Until you visit here, see your day as incomplete. Smiles!

2. Read posts and engage:

The reason you should add visiting the community every day to your daily schedule is because of the valuable posts waiting for you.

Every day, new valuable and transformational posts are shared in the community. Create the time to read them.

But don't stop at reading them. Also, engage with the posts you read. You are building relationships this way.

3. Ask questions where you need clarity:

Do you have writing or book publishing-related questions? Don’t hesitate to ask away!

One powerful statement about asking questions has to be, “The one who asks questions doesn’t lose his way.”– African Proverb

Don’t be worried or timid to inquire about your issues. Replies dawdle for you!

4. Post your content:

We allow everyone to share their content with the community.

You can share content on your niche every day of the week. Whether it’s poems, short stories, fiction, non-fiction, relationship, etc.

You can share inspirational or motivational quotes or posts.

Feel free to also share posts on tips, tools, and strategies for a profitable writing or book publishing journey.

As long as your post is educational, share, because a writer writes and does so often.

However, promotional posts and posts with links aren’t allowed. Share posts in full without an external link to continue reading the post elsewhere.

Also, shared posts aren’t allowed. For your posts to be approved, share directly in the community, not from your timeline, page, or another group.

I anticipate reading more of your posts going forward.

5. Sign up for courses/coaching/training:

Here’s a powerful quote on learning by the man who painted the famous Mona Lisa Painting, Leonardo da Vinci...

He said, “Learning never exhausts the mind.” These are profound words on marble.

Dear Influential, your mind is an inexhaustible device that you must explore by learning, relearning, and unlearning every day.

As we step into the fifth month of the year, commit to these five things and see your life take a new turn.


Growing up as kids you'd often hear troublesome boys ask their friends,  "you get mind?" whenever they plan to perform something prankish, they are not fringed about their friends' courage level.

Your mind is a powerful asset and we can't achieve what our mind doesn't believe or is yet to accept.

What everyone need is a mind shift. The secret of growing wealth starts from our mind.

A transformed mind knows that opportunity may not come in a white envelope.

I have seen people who don't believe in online business yet when they see someone making money online they are forced to ask the question; how do you make money online?

And when you expose them to true online business models that can help them generate 6,7 figure monthly like freelancing, information selling and of course affiliate marketing they fizzy out.

I was walking one day and a street hawker was telling his colleague this;  if the business is not what he can see physically,  as in exchanging of goods or services for money and would not consume much of his time and effort then it's not for him. And I said in my heart what a limiting belief.

Sorry, bro, that's why you are where you are that was what I muttered as I walked past them.

If your mind hasn't started thinking beyond exchanging time for money or how you can build a cash flow system that guarantees you some form of freedom.

Then what you need is a mind shift, if our mind doesn't change from negativity to positivity, from pessimism to optimism our life would never move forward.

You can't live a life your mind has not lived first.

Everything in our life is built twice first in our mind than in our life.

I pray you to have the May of your desire—a Magnificent one. Happy New Month!

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Written by   21
1 month ago
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