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The Nature of human being is that he always seeks love from others and shower his love to others. We feels happy and pleased when some one loves us or some one accept our love.

It is very hard to modify the approach of love towards ourself but it is the most important thing to have with us.

What you can do for yourself is

  • Love yourself

  • Be nice to yourself

  • Believe in yourself

  • Save a cookie for yourself

Love yourself.

Yourself is most important to you . Loving to yourself is never easy because it is against your normal thinking routine. But once you succeed to develop this relationship with you then it will be stronger then else and lasts long forever. So it is important that don't falls in comparison , know your potential , work according to your interest, always forgive your mistakes , make fun with yourself, care yourself , talk to yourself politely and appreciate your good work.

Be nice to yourself.

No body is perfect because everyone has mistakes , failures and falls. You must not be harsh to yourself on failure , Al last you are also human as others. Beating yourself on mistakes can drag you into stress and kill the abilities. The most important thing is you must express the gratitude and kindness to yourself which is compulsory for healthy living. What things comes in self kindness.

  • Good sleep & rest

  • Fully hydration

  • Enough intake of nuturation

  • Trim & shave well

  • Dress up tidy

  • Prediatic absence from social networks

  • Mediation & exercise

Believe in yourself.

Believing on your self means trust on your potential & capabilities and confident on To-Do thing. Confidence that yes I can do it , I did already and will do again. Motivate yourself for tasks , contests , race and Tests. Be a good advisor & coach of yourself with productive mindset.

  • Believe that you are unique

  • Believe that you are the best

  • Believe that you are compititive

  • Believe in your skills

  • Believe in your vision

  • Believe in your learning abilities

  • Believe in your observations.

Save a cookie for yourself.

You are doing awesome job , work , services for family , relatives and friends. Are you ever think for yourself? It is big question that what you are keeping fit yourself. Let me explain by a example'

Look at this tree , it gives fruit , shadows , wood and oxygen but what it keeps for himself ? It keeps shadow on its own roots as self cookie.

So always Keep something for yourself for the time of affliction and disaster. The more time you will spend with yourself and for yourself , more confident you will rise.


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1 year ago


The last thing to be afraid of is LOSING your self-confidence as a person! You lost that, you will lose everything, both socially and sentimentally. We all have various problems, but we must remain positive and BELIEVE!

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1 year ago

Very inspiring article. While it maybe easy to say love yourself as it is such a trend these days. But putting it into practice and developing healthy habits is such a struggle. Thank you for this article as it serves me as a reminder to give myself the care and love I deserve. God bless!

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1 year ago

Well said my friend. We are the best buddy of our-self. Before love anyone we should love our-self. Before do any work we should believe that we can do it.

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1 year ago

In the evening, after a hectic day, when we look in the mirror, we see only a human face. We do not see a robot that responds to commands, we see a man, simple, with good and bad, with joys and sorrows. And then, in the mirror, we say, TAKE CARE OF YOU, MAN, ONLY ONE LIFE YOU HAVE.

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1 year ago