R.I.S.E.R.S - A blended Formula to grow !

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January 21 , 2022 ( Friday)

Success has not any fixed definition which can apply to everyone. Each individual has different approach about it . Simply , what we didn't have , achievement of it becomes success. It could be wealth , Carrier , position , theory or any metallic wish .

First thing is a commitment in the road map of success. Commitment with ourself to do a specific task because this commitment will become our passion in coming days.

No one is successful by birth. Success has to achieve with devotion , consistency , passion and commitment. Look at any successful personal profile , you will see how much hurdles he crossed. How much sleepless nights he spent , how much stress he bear.

Riser's Formula.

  • Resolution

  • Intensification

  • Silence

  • Exercise

  • Reading

  • Scribbling

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Resolution is second name of commitment with ourself.we continued remember ourself about the target.we did affirmation with ownself . It is a proven research that a motivational speech didn't work more , positive self motivation is more effective.


Faith, trust and hope gives courge to move forward. A visualization about our positive steps boosts our speed to the destination.once we got enough speed then no hurdle can stop us.


Here I took silence as meditation/ prayer. It helps us to control the negativity and made our thinking more diceplined. Just sit on a silent place , close eyes and don't think anything just for five minutes Or made your habit for regular prayers . You will see how quickly positive , calm and specific quality of focus emerges.


Physical movement or exercise is best therapy against negativity and for physical health.it has uncountable benifits. Start exercising by just simple walk at any fixed time for 20 minutes Only. It will give you freshness , flexibility and more understanding power.


Keeping healthy our thinking and mental strength is basic for any successful person. Reading a good book is best thing to enhance this ability. For some extra benifits read Quran , Bible or any Holy book according to the faith.


It means to write down your activity , growth as To-Do-List. Keep a diary with you and monitor yourself . Write down your weekness , achievement and failure on daily basis. Then analysed it at end of the day and make plan for next day. This habit will gives wings to your efforts.

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Thank you so much for your time. Love to hear from you in feedback. Spread love !!

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Wow that's amazing. Dashing personality man .you are very genius..good job ..o would like your links

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