Bitcoin Cash playing a rugby world where top hit in one ball and other ball doin run out. The price declining continually and touching $220 , almost -$100 then it's previous higher. But same time it going to smashed the hit of $1000 soon. Triggering the market, ETFs approvals, Halving, economic indicators, more institutional adoption ( pending applications with SEC) and Indian Pacific countries crypto wave are clues to smell the greater pump ever.

Hold Bitcoin Cash and just wait little more!

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@Amjad_Ali_Waince posted 3 months ago


Investing in Bitcoin Cash can be influenced by various factors such as market triggers, ETF approvals, halving, and institutional adoption. While the price may have declined, upcoming events and potential positive indicators suggest the possibility of a greater pump in the future. Holding Bitcoin Cash and being patient could potentially lead to favorable returns. Remember to conduct thorough research and consider your risk tolerance before making any investment decisions.

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3 months ago

Risks always there but still we have to believe in BCH.

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3 months ago