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13th December 2021.

Life is name of happiness, sorrows , goodness and badnes , accidents in relationships and obstacles in struggle. Behaviour of society and business , Personal growth and family environment.

Every individual learn lot of lessons from his experience in the world. When we face the reality of the world and true face behind the charm. When we lose our expectations and falls in black hole of pain. When we empty our bag for nothing and get the pills of duality.

What I learn lessons from my experience of life I want to share with you ,

Don't give keys to others.

I personally trapped two times by giving the keys to others , once the keys of my home when we went abroad . On return we found lot of worthy things were missing and he denied everything. Second one I give ATM to someone and he stole my money later because he knows the pin number. So don't hand over any kind of keys like home , bank , lockers , ATM , on-line wallet , to others to avoid any regrets.

No Blind Trust.

Blind trust mostly hurt us because we can't gues the cleverness of other person which cause us hurting in first look. I personally get a huge lose of my assets due to blind Trust. So avoid it and do necessary investigation about person , company or project before any deal.

Never Give Up.

Life is all about ups and downs. Time Never stay at same feelings. Bad patches comes in our life but braveness is that not to surrender in any circumstances. We should keep moving forward and alive the light of hope in ourself.

Believe in yourself.

Negativity is more then positivty in our society. The legpullers , jealous and fake friends never want you to be a successful. Don't listen people , just believe in yourself and firm faith in Almighty God. Keep your struggle and let others clap on your success. I bear lot of hardship and hurdles in my life and also follow the instructions of some dual faces, falls in failure and learn this above lesson. So don't look others what they are doing , don't compare with others too.

Don't Underestimate Anyone.

This world is full of intelegence and wisdom. Some times we reach on mental level that I know everything and no need others. It will be a wrong approach because wisdom and knowledge has no limits and we can't underestimate anyone,s skills and abilities. Definitely he has more then us , just need to recognise it.


Prayers has great power and Our prayers never goes in waste. Yes some has quick acceptance and some remains in pending for suitable time. But we should keep praying from Almighty Allah. Because he is best listener . It is my personal experience that Prays gives us satisfaction and pleasure .

Thank you so much for your time and reading my efforts. It is always great to know mutual experiences of each other to adopt the best and benifited from the experience of others.

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