Mobile Cleansing.

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1 year ago

Opportunity to do something good can rise in worst situation and we should look into these edges to trigger the mode into productive way. If we give up by saying that what I do in this situation? Or what can I do ? Then may be we will loose the hidden opportunity and waste the time.

We have high tendency political instability in the country after illegal arrests of Ex.Prime minister. The followers showed intense response and by heavier remonstratively blocked several highway. The government shutdown the internet services with banning social media especially Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and imo services by aiming to restrict people not to communicate each other. So we are in Fourth consecutive day without internet services. Only WiFi connections working but in my region 99% users are mobile internet users.

What I got opportunity from internet shutdown to cleanse one of my mobile. Due to lot of SMS thread, contacts, photos, videos and apps it was almost hanged and running in low memory status.


I started from my contact list where I found 666 entries. It was huge so one by one I deleted all those contacts to whom I didn't intact in last 90 days. Thanks to latest technology which made easy to me and collect all contacts in one line which were not in call since that period.

SMS thread.

All unnecessary, old ones and out of dated SMS thread also cleanse out by checking one by one.

Photo gallery.

As you know all the people who are active on social media has always lot of photos in gallery. I becomes habit to snap more then need to get best one out. I found 2578 photos, screen shot, WhatsApp & social related snaps, Edited photos in my phone gallery. I swapped out more then 60% of the gallery and trashed them.


I always interested to made short videos on different occasions and use them in different forums like YouTube, Rougee and Facebook. I deleted all the videos which I already used in posting. It gives a handy space of 1.2 GB free in phone memory.


We know apps captured the space and it's data , cache always prove a burden in ROM and ram. So all the apps which gone out of date and out of fashion removed and uninstalled. I save the space and this activity enhanced the processor speed which ultimately giving true taste of 4G data speed. ( It is maximum available in my region).


We must use our free time in constructive way where we should utilise it for some innovative thinking about ourselves, tasks. We should dig out of box Ideas , research of others, experiences of community, useful books , handy skills. I spent my free time in overhauling the mobile memory and speed.

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1 year ago


My phone has above 100 Gb storage so I'm very lazy to clean my phone but yes that's the biggest opportunity when there's no internet because we used to our phone with or without internet 😸

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1 year ago

I do it weekly, I need to remove unnecessary datas to my phone because it is running slowly and almost full in storage.

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1 year ago