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Life of human has interaction, interpersonal communication and exchanges of thoughts on daily bases which lead us to some lessons. These lessons we carry next in life to adopt or avoid it in repeat. Some of these becomes a symbolic stick to others as well as inlightling the path of living.

The year 2022 ends with lot of memories and incidents in my life. Here I am writing the lessons which related to my life and personal interaction.

Most unpredictable thing is our own life .

We did prediction for certain things on base of our own knowledge and other's experiences. Mostly we say for most uncertain things that these are unpredictable like Crypto and some national teams of different games.

It was March 24 , 2022 when I got a bike accident. I was traveling to other city while lite drizzle also there. When I was in middle the destination I made a sudden brake due to a animal came on track from side fields. Road was slippery due to Rain water so my bike slipped badly. I fell down on road but my bike slipped away and hit to another bike rider. He fell down and unluckily not wearing the helmet. His head struck to metal road and within minutes passed away. He was nothing wrong with drive and even I was on speed of 40km/h only.

But a life ends with last breath in my lap which was on road due to his mother's sickness to get medication. Lesson learned that our life is most unpredictable and we must be ready to accept anything, anytime.

Own identity works better.

Following other's, blindly follow the instructions, try to be like that etc never works. May we got some success but can't live alive in others minds for long time if we didn't have any own identity.

It is always easy to be a follower of other and follow his footsteps in life and other things. But it is difficult to create own identity which requires high class effort and stamulation. I was a good follower of a social media user ( female with User name of "Shimlygul". Which is no more in this world. May almighty God bless her soul Rest in peace). I got lot of writing tips from her because she was an excellent writer with unique style.

I started to copy her style initially with more blind attitude. Suddenly she passed away and the source of style ended. I was wondering what to do that time. Then slowly I build my own style of writing which is most successful lesson I learned in last year that our own identity matters more then earnings.

Note:The second part which related to Crypto lessons will be published by Friday.

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1 year ago


It hurts more even a person doesn't his expectations. That's why there's a old saying , expect least - relay least enjoy your own life.

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1 year ago

That's why these called lessons in our life . Thanks Bibijani for staying by. Stay happy and blessed.

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1 year ago

Even saddening experiences we can learn from and should.

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1 year ago

Exactly, each incident good or bad leave some points to learn in our life. Need only to observe the happening and it's causes.

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1 year ago