Lessons from Crypto trade.

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Each trade field had several tricks, techniques to do it successfully which works in physical address. Crypto always more risky because no one can predict exactly about next steps. Then lot of FUDs , rumours, hacks, scams, phishing, influence involved in it which made it more dangerous especially for new comers.

95% Investors/ traders follow the trend , mouth talk, influencer comments, pushed & sponsored charts which ends up in lose. Also some times experienced / hawks eye people falls in trap buy over confidence or relying on others. For example an anonymous investor lost around $ 2 millions in last six months in ETH only trade.

Lot of lessons people shared on different forums and we learn from them. I want to share something related to me as well .

Nothing is reliable.

The lesson never means that Crypto is not reliable itself, it means if we took all the information supposing to non reliable and do our own research before any step may works better . Multiple coins division in portfolio also another trick to handle the risk. Staying with one asset always more risky and sticking with one fundamental in trade also possibly can put us in trouble. So doing all possible research , tools of indication, international politics and crisese.

Care your platter.

Our platter is our portfolio and as platters consist on different snacks, exactly we must decorate our portfolio with different coins like BCH , ETH , BTC , BnB, XRGE, AMPL , VERSE and SPOT . This verity gives us flexibility to look at trending momentum. It also reduce the level of Risk of overbuying/ collapsing/ overselling of any one Coin.

Shubbery Option.

It called hedging in Crypto. We shouldn't be hang to one hedge circle. We should go fo multiple hedging options because singly hedging always risky in both times , in bottom of bear period and in peak of bull run when we loose our grip over it .


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