How Google Map Born!

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Lot of things happening daily around us and we pass through without any notice. We often ignore minor things especially which are not urgent or not related to us.

Observation is a sense which can be found in every conscious human but some people are super talented by nature to observe the things with a peculiar unique way. We have great example of Sir Newton in history who invented the laws of gravity from simple observations. Now millions of people watched the things fallen on earth. Any fruit from tree or any object we throw up will come to earth but only Sir Newton catched it up and sort the gravity. That is peculiar and unique observation.

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Sundar pichai , CEO of the Google, Is one of the person in recent years who has this ability of peculiar observation. There are several things which are on his credit like chrome, image scanner and internet explorer but today I am writing about the birth of Google map.

How Google Map came into existence?

It has very interesting background , Mr. Pichai was invited in a function at his friend's home in celicon valley, USA. His wife reached at function earlier and he left from office for function but forget the way. He could not reach in function and when he reached, the function was over. More over his wife also came back home from function by a taxi.

When Mr. Pichai reached home and found his wife with angry red face due to not arrive at function. He came back office straight forward , sit on his chair and thinks that why did I forget the way ? Then millions of people like me forgetting the way daily. Can we make any solution?

Next morning he call his Google team and asked that " how we can find a way online?" . That question become a first brick of Google map. The team works on it more then six months and coding of the site completed in 2005. Finally Google Map site born from that Idea and today it is one of the most trafficking site in world. Millions of people getting guidelines and guidance from it daily. Latest figures reached to 1 billion users for this sites who visited it.

From its first successful experiment till now it developing and local map guides adding up daily hundereds of places, names and locations in it. Google Map covering now around 97% of the earth locations, geographic information, transportation and distances.

Google Map becomes more important after cruise technology in defence system of the countries which mostly uses Google mapping in setting the target and has 99% accuracy.

That is the story from successful CEO and giving us lesson that always think out of box. Look at things with introgression mindset. "Why" and "how" should be in mind always. It will generate the question about a thing. When you will learn to create a question then solution will be there with or without proof.

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Ahha, That is very much informative and useful information you shared. Thank you sir for sharing and Thanks to Sundar Pichai, actually his wife, for giving us great idea and Google Map

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3 months ago

It's used by the many. I use it almost every day delivery driving. It's accuracy is pretty good I went back to see how many deliveries I have made on my app. The number is 2505 deliveries and it has only failed me maybe a dozen times is all. The fails were way off, usually it brings me pretty close, maybe a house or two off. Pretty remarkable and the use of paper maps are a thing of the past.

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3 months ago