Blissful use case of Web3.

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The internet occupied latest technologies and experiment advanced techniques to facilitate the uses with more reliability with more privacy of his data. Web3 is latest innovation in interact which is more transparent, decentralised and possessed.

Users have more control on their activity and data management as Web3 offers double layer of security. Also Web3 opened new doors of business, exploration of destinations and eminties. Al ( artificial intelligence) becomes only possible due to structure of Web3.

Use case of Web3.


Web3 becomes handy source of digital business which is giving online consultancy access to users where people getting connected from far away even beyond the borders. Just like businessmen , physicians and tech experts providing services from theirs homes/ offices .

Social media.

Lot of big names of social media like Twitter, RouGee and Instagram already adopted Web3 protocol to make sure give the best communication tools to their users. Web3 fulfill the dream of pure ownership of account with most secure database.


In Web3 creating and selling NFTs becomes more easier with full custody. Web3 ensures smooth without any SCC and allow creators to get more high quality digital creations. It also removed the role of middleman from sell/ buy plateforms.


Concept and algorithms of Web3 is incomplete without metaverse. Experts hoping that people will buy land on Moon in metaverse where lot of users already booked.

Play and earn.

Web3 gives new shape to online gaming. Gamers enable to earn while playing games in web3. The whole gaming industry gets revolutionary change under Blockchain technology where users getting true fun of game. Web3 enhanced engagement and activity where lot of new games getting popular over night like PUBG.



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