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Dubai is famous for its versatile culture, tax free business environment, modernism in digital approach, mind blowing beaches and luxury hotels. Millions of people travelling towards Dubai annually for vacations , business tours and diplomatic relations.

Salvatore liggiero announced a unique, grand and portraits plan about Bitcoin Tower. It will be a 40 story tower which is basically hotel where guests can pay in bitcoin against the services. Also it will facilitates it's guests for investment in crypto especially Bitcoin.

Fahad Faqeeh also ensures it in its latest tweet that this tower

will be a great asset in Dubai in tribute to satoshi. A new heights for crypto lovers and investors in central Asia with best mode of payment. According to business today The Crypto hotel chain will lead others to follow especially in Arab countries where huge potential available for Crypto grooming. The revealing of tower will be a huge positive impression before COP28 conference in Dubai.

Proposed architectural design for tower 🗼,

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That was a very elegant tower.

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