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Each medium of communication has unique importance and specific viewers and readers. Some people love to read the articles, books , magazine and printed scripts while others lover to watch the videos on social media and net working.

YouTube is famous social media site which has huge reputation amoung the people who loves to watch things in videos.

Bitcoin cash ( BCH) has strong presence on every stream with video viewers. May it is YouTube , Tiktok , Snapchat, FB or Instagram , every media has influence in its users.

Bitcoin cash on YouTube has most compititive scale of visibility where lot of good YouTubers providing latest updates to their followers and general viewers.

I watched some videos about BCH on YouTube which are interesting , meaningful and productive for every one who wants to know more about Bitcoin cash. These videos uploaded in November and are introduced many new features , debates and discussions about BCH.

1. Who is better , bitcoin or Bitcoin cash.

This video with title who wins? BTC or BCH is from etfguide channel. It is basically a discussion where participants Mark kilaghbian and Tom labardhi discuss four basics of crypto.

  • Community

  • Utility

  • Performance

  • Mystery

In all the categories BCH has clear edge against BTC and in conclusion all are agreed that BCH is much better choice against any other crypto.

Interesting video to watch where both participants has lovely charts, diagrams , numbers of facts and figures on each community.

2. Why BCH will be in top 10 ranking?

This video "why Bitcoin cash will be in top 10" . from house and it shows how confident people are about BCH and its future. Where they are looking BCH in long term and what they have reasons.

Are they looking at market cap ? No . They are looking the wallets numbers. How many wallets ( users) have BCH in their portfolio ? That making the difference.

3. BitcoinCash 22 conference.

The biggest event of the year 2022 for BCH " Bitcoin cash 22 " . (Video didn't upload here due to big size)This video of 8 Hours and 20 minutes with 1.2 GB download size available on @RogerVer YouTube channel. It is one of the best video where we come to know the experience of BCH legands across the globe.

St.Kitts , A Caribbean state , hosts it and at the end an announcement comes from premier of the country to legalise the BCH officially as payment method and going to made it legal tender in first quarter of 2023.

I watched some sessions live on YouTube and missing ones watched in this video. Thousands of BCH lovers watched this event live and lot of on these videos.

These are the videos I like more and luckily watched till end ( against my nature) and found so meaningful discussion, motivation and dedication about BCH.

Thanks for reading my reviews about some good videos about Bitcoin cash in November. Like , upvote and leave comment for feedback.

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