Biden in Kiev - A big surprise for Putin.

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1 month ago

International politics are all about power , visibility, intelligence and smart move on correct timing. The people who keep secrets in their chests always wins the battlefield.

It is almost one year now ( 24 February) to Russia - Ukraine war where Putin invaded on Kiev in just fire of revenge, expansion and power show. This war leaving huge impact over world's economy and food supply chain. The biggest reason of inflation in the world.

President Joe Biden, USA , paid a surprise visit to Kiev today which was a slam to opponents. Top secret visit started from New York late night where no body knows about this move expect 5 persons in total USA.

President Biden flew from new York silently, cross Europe without notice and reached Poland. From central railway station took train and reached Kiev after 10 hours ride.

He was taking lunch with president of Ukraine while white House staff was preparing the party for president with senior citizens. Biden promised again to save Ukraine and provide Kiev more financial assistance.

These 18 hours went in silence and neighbors of Ukraine, intelligence of Russia, settalites of China could not trace this VIP movement. Highly risky tour because there are no American forces available for protection. At one point Syrens belled out due to news about a missile fire from Belarus towards Kiev.

Biden safely reached back in Poland and white writing this , may he flew back already. But the opponents missed a opportunity.



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1 month ago


Only a few know the U.S. President's itinerary when he travels overseas unless its for a mass meeting. His staff, some on the other end, and the logistics community (a little), a little more than 5 I say no more 🤫 As soon as he arrives the media knows followed by everyone else, lol

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1 month ago

Definitely it is highest level move of president from most powerful country of the world. And especially when president going in war zone then sure Highest level of security they avail.

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1 month ago