30 years without Mom !!

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2 years ago
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Mother is most prestigious and respectful relation after Almighty God. By nature Every creature has great connectivity with mother. Motherhood is name of care , sacrifices and unconditional love in any shape and form.

My Mom !

She was a humble lady . Born in 1953 and married to Dad in 1972. She was educated of her time by school . She never ever make any punishment to us. Always talk in good manners and teach us braveness and truth. As every mom did , she forced us for education only.

31st December 1992 .

We were living in a village almost 7 km away from city . It looks now very close but that time when only luxury was cycle to ride and come to city which took 30 minutes to reach. Then Tanga ( A wooden made vehicle which pulled by horse) was a normal passenger transport available in the village.

It was Cool Thursday morning of 31th December 1992, she cooked breakfast for us , prepared us in school uniform and we say "Good Bye" to her and walked to school . ( I was in class 10th and the school was in nearby village almost 1km away from our home ) . I went to other village while youger sister was in our village primary school.

It was not a digital world , no mobile , no phone those days . I came back from school at 3pm with lot of happiness that I got two day off . One was Friday and other was for happy new year . Whole way back we all fello dance , joyed , giggles and fun . When I reached home saw lot of relative gathered in our home . I comes to know that Mom got heart attack and dad took her to hospital on Tanga . I listened first time the word heart attack , still not took any serious as kids did . In the evening Dad came back but Mother was ...........😢😢😢😢😢. Mom leave us forever !!!

A storm comes in my life , I don't know exactly that time what to do . Every one was crying loudly and my heaven was under frozen silence. A silence which never broken again , A silence deeper then oceans , A silence of stones . After some hours by doing some necessary arrangements people took her to burial area of village . They buried my heaven in graveyard exactly same time now 7:30pm.

Life after Mom!

It is a difficult time for our family because I was elder one and have three siblings . Youngest sister was only 6 months old . Father never go second marriage even lot of people insist him . He did another big sacrifice for us ( as our eastern traditions) . I went for college and university then got job , married and have kids now but untill now 31st December gives me that sad memories and my eyes gone wet in her memories. Every year I didn't celebrate anything on this day and mostly spend time in loniness because I don't want my kids to see the tears in my eyes which unconsciously happens some times.

In these 30 years I could not forget my Mom . I have everything with me but No Mom . The early 90,s there were a very luxurious thing having still photography camera . I have only one photo of my Mom with me where she is standing on the marriage ceremony of her brother . It was on 16th March 1988. I got this picture from one of my relative whose father was on this marriage with camera.

It is only memorial thing I have about her with me.

You are lucky if you have mother with you . Care her with maximum possiblity because we can't get any alternative .

Thank you so much for reading my sad story about 31st December.

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2 years ago
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something, similar to me we are also living away from village at our dera (farm) and i have lost my ammi since i was a kid at the age of 7 and she was also died due to heart attack .

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1 year ago

How sad!!our mothers Is the best of all...

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2 years ago

Thanks for sharing your story with us, your mum was an amazing woman and she would have been proud to see how you've grown now

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2 years ago