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Facts About Life

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2 months ago

Happy new week to y'all out here, am sorry I didn't stop by to publish an article... I was busy and my phone was totally low and there was no power supply for hour so I had to go out and charge my device....

Hope we all had fun in the past week?? Well this is a new week we have to be positive and start with a good vibe...

Facts About Life

And so I have decided to talk about some facts that most people don't know about, most of us do know about it but we are not practicing them, these are one of the major reason most people end up in a deep regret and when they realized that they have messed up it might be too late for them....

  • If You Want Something So Bad Go Get It Yourself...

If you want something so bad go out there and get it yourself coz it won't come without any hard work and effort from your end, don't just stay idle waiting for better days to come create a plan for it and you'd realize how much you have worked for it...

Most people still think that true love does not exist but trust me it does and don't just sit back and wait for the love of your life to arrive, you have to keep searching for them else you'd end up being single for a long long time lol... Trust me am talking based on experience and lately I know the number of months that I have been single, was hoping for the love of my life to locate me but trust me I ended up being single for years because I didn't do anything about it....

This article would help most of us understand the risk we have been taking....

If we don't go out there and get what we want we might spend years waiting and it still won't come to us, time waits for no one so we all have to spend our time wisely because it can never be gotten back once its gone....

  • Learn From Other People's Mistakes

Yea you saw the sub heading, always learn from other people mistake and don't just rush coz no matter how smart you are you would definitely come across one of those mistake... And you learning from it doesn't mean your going to avoid mistakes, if that's what your hoping then things might not go as you think....

Learn from their mistakes so when such challenge come your way you'd know how to deal with it, am sure a lot of people have learnt from the guy who sold his 10,000 Bitcoins for a pizza...

Hope y'all got my point?? I would love to elaborate more but there is a lot of things that I need to attend to, I gotta write this and publish it right away coz if I don't am not sure if id be able to do so coz its Monday and am gonna get busy.. Its midnight over here so I gotta sleep now so id wake up early and catch a bus....

  • Thanks For Reading Guys Have A Wonderful New Week.... 😇

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Written by   51
2 months ago
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Keep learning from your mistakes and from others. That way you can grow and be better.

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2 months ago