What happened last September- not a monthly report

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Published on: October 03, 2021

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Always, know that I an immensely grateful to have you all. You do, as always keep me going and or motivated. May you have an abundance of bitcoincashđź’š

Before I blabber and ramble, I just want you to know that I wished you had a great September, yes before September ever knock on our doors and flip our calendars, I did wish you would have a great month, but I knew no one wished for mine. Lol. As everybody does, every end of the month, I will have to recall what happened during the entire month either it's worth and productive or nah. So,

What happened last September?

This is supposed to be written on the first of October. But was caught up by few struggles along the way and yes consider including the absence of electricity. Today, it happened again that's why I was out, again. Sadly I forgot to charge our phones and the consequence was me not being able to do my typical routine-online. That's why I made up my mind, I will have to buy power bank. The question is when.

What happened this September is a quite tough question for me. As I've realized there were so many events during this month. I wished they were all good but who am I kidding? not all events are good. Definitely, we can't halter an event if it's meant to happen. Specially, we don't know it will happen. Thus it happens. You know what? I'm becoming too talkative so might as well, let's move on to "What happened this September?".

First Week:

  • Rusty's Infrequent visits

It's not that I am complaining but I just noticed. For the first week, I mean the first day of the week, I felt the distance between us. He didn't even notify me we had a cool off. Lol. But you know, I thought he won't come back to me. He's been cold so I thought we'd end up like the other couples I've seen would break up after a month. (Oh my God. What am I talking about?) Doesn't matter.

  • I forgot

I know, September was really fast as if he or she has so many appointments. As a result, I forgot what really happened...

Second-Third Week

seriously. Aside from ARG airdrop, I wasn't lucky enough to receive any other token if I won't buy them
  • SmartBCH, Tokens and Catching Airdrops

You know? SmartBCH took a toll to more of us. The hype of tailing and chasing for airdrops and then staking, buying tokens and winning from meme competition, activities on telegram, and the noise on twitter for retweets and G.A either in the form of $ or token mostly. I created twitter account this September only coz I wasn't into it. Okay, I was wrong with my judgment.

SmartBCH? I've read it somewhere I think but I didn't know it will boom like this or I didn't even know how it would work. Another thing to add, just to save myself from further regret, I wasn't into buying anything other than bch or our necessities because I was, as honest as possible, afraid of my possible losses.

It was last week of August am I right? Early birds were able to make the best out of the opportunity rendering them with handsome profits as well. Ack, that's really nice and for the nth time, I hope I did and I was one of those early birds.

  • COVID-19 look alike, doesn't matter but I got sick

I was absent. I didn't able to monitor or check my read and the token I've bought. I lost my sense of smell and taste and believe me when I said it's horrible. I dealt with my fever, the heat was almost intolerable I wish I did dive into a body of water just to alleviate the burning feeling even though I don't know how to swim. My head throbs not so handsomely, it was in almost all direction but more so were targetting my brains. Lol.

Update? I'm still in the process of retrieving my senses. I can faintly smell and my taste buddies are about to wake up. Maybe eating a lot of spice helped me.

  • Getting busy with school works (of client's)

Tho I occasionally take my break. And since I was ill enough, I declined them. It's kind of tiring sometimes so I really need to redeem breaks.

  • Selling bitcoincash to buy some materials for our house construction

Last Week

  • Nothing much

I did watch a movie. Add few on my watchlists. Of course, it is gore, slasher much that I like to watch. I haven't watch movies under such genre produced by Thais so I will give it a try. I started watching "Meat Grinder" but since data is a bit expensive, and as I am using mobile data (sometimes) and mobile wifi, watching movies or videos will help drain it faster.

  • Applied for a cellphone loan

Since my phone is no longer functioning so well, I was forced to look for a brand new one. It's utterly beneficial to me anyways. Although I have to ready at least $10/week in order for me to pay for the loan. I will pay for it for about 6 months so hopefully I can survive.

  • Airdrops

I am trying to hunt for airdrops and guess what? I've received something but will have to do research about it. Hopefully I am fit enough to churn info that is out of my understanding. Phew.

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2 years ago
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Look how good, your friend already visited you! He also visited me after many days. It always comes back, it's the best!

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2 years ago

Best wishes for you dear. Hope you will achieve your goal. Be patient.

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2 years ago

is the token screenshot from your metamask? you have a lot of holdings..congrats

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2 years ago

Same haha hindi rin na visit si RR but its okay, keep writing hanggat hindi pa naman spam account natin. Yay may bagong cellphone na Congrats po đź’–

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2 years ago

I hope this month offers you better opportunity and your troubles, solutions will be found

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2 years ago