I run and run for my dear life, and because I was scared of "it"

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Tue, July 27, 2021

When do we run?

We run, it's either because it's our passion (track and field), to get away from our responsibility, to avoid being caught by possible awkward situations or something more extreme;

To save our dear lives.

What I am going to share with you today has been long embedded in my mind and now, I am going to unearth the memories.

During my elementary days, I was fond of adventures. I got some folks with me, my cousins, and my neighbors. We went to school by group and we didn't use the usual route because we wanted to put ourselves in a little spicy travel. We had found 2 different routes on the way to school and I meant spicy, steep like a trail. It's an "up there" so we should be careful not to fall from the peak to the grassy field.

It has been a routine until I was in third or fifth grade. One afternoon, I and my older brother took that same route. As I haven't said before, a family is living up there. And they got a good dog. Big, you could say that. I was fond of dogs not until that day.

The couple wasn't home yet so the dogs were the only ones left to guard. I wasn't sure if they had a very dark grudge against us so they started to bark. (If I did bark back would the event change?) At first, we didn't mind those ear-piercing sounds but then they continued. Alarmed was an underestimation when the sounds seem approaching our direction. It's a long way before we could reach the road and the sounds were getting nearer. Nearer and nearer until I heard my older brother's cry,

"Run! Run!"

Oh God knows how scared I was when the dog was about to give me a bite. Lol. It was so sure near my legs. And I ran the fastest I could. Halfway from our escape, I just fell face first. Aw.

The dog's barking and growling had stopped.

My brother's far from where I was. He didn't help me at all but rather shout at me to get up coz we're running late. I cried while getting up and shook off all the strange dirt on my uniform. That same day, we were both scolded and were forbidden to go there. Again. Of course, I denounced how my brother left me like that. Ah, in such time you will always save yourself before anyone else.

What happened to those bull of dogs? Ah, they ran away too. As if their goal was to shoo us away from their territory by inflicting terror on us. Good dogs, right? Dogs do know that trespassing thingy.

Moral of the story: Don't step your foot on anyone's territory, when only the dogs are at home.

Is it the end of my running experience? No. Big no! As I can remember, it happened again during my first year of high school. The setting is out of school. It's a few blocks away from our house. So here's what happened.

I was summoned to buy sun-dried fish (tinapa). Ever since, I don't want to go to that place because tons of dogs are free, walking, menacing, and running around. But no one's there available to buy other than me.

And I walked alone. Nervous.

It was pretty good when I got there but I saw those dogs I was referring to when I turned and strolled more steps away from the store.

I was holding what I've bought so tight (because I was more scared of my mother's wrath) and continued my silent walking. I was biting my tongue during that time but to no avail. The dogs initiate their chasing position.

And then, barked loud.

Houses have a pretty gap between one another and there was no one to call for help.

Two dogs were trying to block my way. While effin barking and prying on what I was holding. They were approaching me. But no, mama would be so angry if I did gave it up.

Due to so much fear, I did the most stupid yet safest resort I knew. Just run. My heart was beating so loud until I reach the house. Some people have seen my stupidity. That made me cry even more.

Moral/s of the story:

  • Don't let your dogs out

  • Don't tempt dogs with any foods at hand. They will surely run to you.

Closing Thoughts

We've got some stories untold. I mean stupidity. We are scared of something too.

That's a dog for me. Haha. (But no, it's not a dog only). Whenever I see a dog which I feel (not so good) I'll keep my distance. I always make sure I have someone to be the bait. Kidding. Someone said that if you bite your tongue, dogs won't bite you? Hmm. I have been doing that. It's painful tho. I mean when you bite your tongue real hard.

You? Do you still remember something that happened to you which made you run like crazy?

Would you dare share it?

Thanks for reading!

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Posted this 27th day of July 2021.

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Yes sometimes dogs are scary. but they are cuddly and cute and sweet, too..

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