Dream vs. Practicality; The best and must choice for you and me

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August 01, 2021 (#01)

In life, there'd always be motivators, and end game factors for you. The direction and redirection of decisions and events lies on your hands.

Before proceeding to the argument, let us define the two essential variable for this content. What is dream and practicality ?


Dream is what we want to achieve in life; What we want to be in the future; a sketch for one's favorable standing in the future;


The state of being practical; The idea that renders practical solution to a problem; a substitute to a main goal which can bring positive effect to a person;

Dreams ft. Finances

Aside from hardwork, perseverance, patience, creativity, values and moral support, achieving dream will require a person with sufficient finances in order for him to get there.

Specifically in tertiary education, one needs to have sufficient financial support to sustain and continue with his chosen field. May it be in medicine, education, engineering, law, tourism and etc.

Pursuing quality education for your dream course means money- unless you are qualified for a scholarship to cover all the fees.


Browsing on Facebook, I saw this post which instantly gave me idea for what to write (Although I have so many drafts as of the moment).

The audience had different perspective about these choices. And I found most of the comments so relatable. Let me separate them into two teams;

Team Dream

(Forgive me for I included just one for this team)

Team Practicality

Translation: Practicality is considerably beneficial since you'll realize and appreciate the real value of things.

Translation: I chose practicality because I don't want my parents to think that I am selfish for choosing and pursuing my dream.

Truth is, education became more difficult due to the pandemic that we are currently dealing with. Scholarships are too high with its standards aiming to get only the best students. Now, It becomes more impossible for most of the mediocre. State Universities which offers free tuition fee have limited slots, which will mostly be for those exceptional students - depending on the course.

When to choose your dream course?

  • When you are financially stable.

  • When you're eligible for scholarships

  • When you are passionate and serious about it

  • If not financially stable, when you have enough resource to back up your needs such as shelter, food, allowance, and access to Internet.

    • A relative living near your university with good wifi connection.

    • Some relatives are willing to give you allowance.

  • When someone is willing to finance your study, fully.

When to choose Practicality?

  • When you can't afford the tuition fee of your dream course.

  • When the available course for you will benefit you in the future.

  • When you didn't able to quality for a scholarship.

  • When it's impossible to pursue your dream, now.

  • When your parents do not agree with your choice.

Why not apply for scholarships?

Students aren't the same. We get to understand that especially when we are inside a classroom. Some are undeniably smart, some are fast learner and some needs more attention and patience in order for them to digest a lesson.

When it comes to applying for scholarships, most intelligent students with impressive academic background will be able to have a slot because that is how it goes; with the requirements and criteria to qualify.

Ending Thoughts

Choosing between dream and practicality is difficult. No, dream might be the first choice but due to financial problem, practicality wins.

Lucky those who can choose their dream course without minding and worrying about the fees while it's painful to think about those students who aren't happy with their course for college.

Regardless, someone quoted, "the course doesn't matter as long as it can help you to achieve your dream in the future."

Students differs in the way one make choices and construct feasible plans. Moreover, they are different in terms of dealing with their situation (choosing of course). This may be treated positively or the other way around.

Published this 1st day of August,2021

Thanks for reading!

© to the Facebook users who, I won't mention the names.

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2 years ago


Wow, you have done a wonderful job. You really are good :)! Keep up the good work.

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2 years ago

hey, stea! Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your words. Thank you!

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2 years ago

Dun ako sa practical at base sa realidad. Ayoko mangarap na parang impossible ko makuha, tulad na maging BF yun isa sa BTS or si Cha Eun Woo, impossible yun diba?

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2 years ago

Naku ko po Hahaha talagang impossible na po pag ganyang usapan. Dapat neighbors muna kayo baka pwede 😅

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2 years ago

Diba sis, saka sa muka Kong to Di talaga ko magugustuhan, Ibang pangarap na lang tutuparin ko

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2 years ago

mahirap po talagang pangarapin ang ibang bagay. kaya ako don sa crush ko, alam kong walang pag asa hahahah. Minsan kailangan talaga natin tanggapin ang imposible. haist, if di siya para sayo, kawawa siya😂 (ayon sa meme na madalas ko mabasa)

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2 years ago

As we grow older dun natin mas nare realize ang mga bagay na mas practical.. 😊

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2 years ago

Sana I will be that older para maging mature sa buhay

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2 years ago