[12] No doctor please

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2 years ago

[12th] of 100 Poems for me - Bleed of Words Collection

If you happen to love reading or writing poems, sonnets(Shakespearean or Petrarchan), spoken word poetries, tanaga/haiku, and many more to mention, you are free to join my community. I would love to hear from you all😘

No Doctor, Please

I'd understand to hear an unpleasant suggestion,

but I will not oblige,

For I know there is no reason,

Just call me 'reliable'.

Dismiss yourself, or cut your tongue,

Lounge it on your chest of unspoken damn,

I won't mind, just don't cross the border,

For I won't follow any order.

The door to my room does not invite,

Might as well get out of my sight,

I've been dealing with you,

And this 'known' for me longer.

Why do you have to call these monstrous professionals?

The truth is with me,

I've known it already,

If you only listened to my "No doctor" pleas.

Nothing will change to a burnt house,

Nor can you keep all the ashes in one jar,

You can't turn the hands of time,

When it's too late now.

What's the point of hearing it now,

For I've discovered it earlier than anyone,

For the sake of these counted breaths I plea,

Don't let them say it.

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Poems are either easy to understand or mostly, hard that's why I can't blame others who don't have a soft spot for this type of lit. Mine is, maybe beyond understandable for the ideas are splattered around. But since I made this I can clearly understand everything (LOL) That's my problem hahaha. I am still struggling to write good ones. So bear with my pieces if you ever read them. Good night!

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2 years ago


It is a good one! I don't even know how to write that now.

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