Some scary local legends

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Many cities have strange and scary legends.

Almost all countries, towns or villages in the world has horror or weird legends. Local myths, no matter how baseless, are based on real facts or the product of a creative mind. These myths are told from generation to generation. Here are some lesser known myths. The myths that have the potential to frighten even the most fearless people.

The boy drowned in Hawaii

In a small village on the Big Island of Hawaii, something tragic happens that still haunts its inhabitants. A group of children are said to have been playing near a pond in 1947 when a boy slipped and fell into the water. His friends seek help immediately, but his lifeless body is found deep in the sea. The people of this island try to forget this sad event, but the next events that take place in this reservoir convince them that the boy's soul is drowned in water and he loves everyone who lives with him to this blue grave. Do not throw. It is rumored that the drowned boy is looking for a ghost to replace himself in the depths of the pond.

Be careful with long ears

Somalia is a country known for crime, theft, kidnapping and terrorist attacks. Somalia is one of the countries where growth and development occur less than other countries and 70% of its people are in poverty. Mothers in this country are trying to save their children from the threats that exist. That is why they have created the legend of the long-eared to protect their children from searching in the forests of Somalia. Long-eared is a cannibal who is said to prefer missing children to eating. He spends time in the woods trying to find people who can not get out of the forest. To make matters worse, Somali parents tell their children that they have a special interest in children who do not listen to their parents.

Jamaican Calf

Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean known for its rain, beaches and coffee. Many tourists come to this country to see the sights and experience of water sports, but this country also has its own legend. It is said that there is a creature that more closely resembles a cow and is a symbol of the devil's spirit. One of his eyes is red and fire is coming out of it. According to another version of the legend, both eyes of this creature are red. The creature is said to be chasing passengers to torture them.

The Legend of the Three Bags

According to this legend, in the past, in a village in Scotland, witchcraft appeared from the surrounding forests and warned the villagers to stop cutting down trees to create more agricultural land. He threatens them that if he continues to do so, he will sterilize all their lands. For centuries it has been peace that the new generation of this village will destroy the whole forest to build a windmill. The wizard returns and is killed by the villagers. Before that, he says, they should set aside three bags of their harvest. The owner of the mill, who was still afraid of the wizard, acts according to him. He has three daughters, but after he stops paying for three bags of produce, his youngest daughter disappears, and after a while his body is found in the mill.

Examine the back of your head

This myth seems to come straight from a horror movie. A legend from Sydney who tries to make drivers always look in the mirror of their car. According to this legend, there is a road in Australia where unexplained murders and supernatural activities took place. A number of drivers have reported that car radios are turned off on this road and car doors are locked for no apparent reason. One of the unexplained stories of this road was the death of a girl in 1970 who was attacked and killed. The agents of a movie in this area claimed that they had encountered this girl.

Seven Sisters Road

In the early 1900s, a young boy is said to have lived in a house with his parents and seven sisters and one day had a serious quarrel with them. One day a scary idea comes to his mind and he waits until his parents leave the house. The boy hangs all seven of his sisters and kills them. Years later, a road is built in this place, which is known as Haft Khoshr Road due to the echo of the screaming sound. There is another version of this story that says that the father of this family actually hung his daughters from a tree after supporting their mother.

The Hotel That Disappeared

In 1889, a mother and daughter travel to Europe when their mother suddenly falls ill and is forced to stay in Paris. The girl goes to a doctor and eventually prepares a medicine to cure her mother. When they return to the hotel, they encounter a strange scene. He finds that the room in which they were staying is completely empty, and the carpets and wallpaper are all in different shapes than before. He goes to the embassy hoping to find his mother, but they think he is crazy and send him to a psychiatric institution. After a while he goes really crazy and a few years later he loses his life.


Hope you scared😅💛🖤

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Not scared as such. But I do find it interesting to read about these stories. Months ago I also wrote about sad stories that are from my country, and the people of those villages keep them alive in their stories, especially at night.

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