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Mount Everest was measured and recorded on January 17, 1841, by George Everest, a British mountaineer and surveyor. What do we know about it? In this report we read!

 Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world is between Nepal and China and the Himalayan mountain range is located there. The peak was measured and recorded on January 17, 1841 by mountaineer George Everest and an English surveyor. Although George Everest could not conquer this peak personally; But it played a key role in drawing attention to this high point. Everest was once considered impassable, but was first conquered in 1953 by two Indian and English climbers. In this report, we will review the facts about this cloud peak.

1. Mount Everest is not technically the highest peak on earth!

Mount Everest is known as the highest mountain in the world with 8,848 meters (above sea level). However, it should be noted that it is not the highest mountain on earth! Maunakia Peak in Hawaii is the highest peak on Earth. Although Maunakya is only 4207 meters above sea level, it is 10,100 meters above the ocean floor.

2. Mount Everest grows 40 centimeters higher every century!

The Himalayas form as the Eurasian plate (a tectonic plate that covers most of continental Europe and Asia) rises on the plate of India (the main tectonic plate of the Earth's crust in the eastern hemisphere) below it. Scientists' calculations show that Everest grows about 4 mm annually.

3. The weather is not so favorable: take a jacket with you!

It is covered with snow and ice all year round. This mountain is covered with snow and ice all year round from a height of 5,300 meters. People who want to climb the mountain should wear glasses as well as warm clothes due to the possibility of snow blindness (corneal disorder due to excessive exposure to ultraviolet light). The climate there is very cold and the hottest temperature recorded there is minus 20 degrees Celsius.

4. Get at least $ 30,000 to climb the mountain!

If you love mountaineering and plan to climb Mount Everest, it is not bad to know that estimates show that climbing this mountain cost at least $30000.

5. Climb more than 7,000 times

So far, about 4,000 people have stood on Mount Everest more than 7,000 times. Some of them (most of the Sherpa guides) have been climbed more than once. Sherpa or "Eastern People" in the term of mountaineering refers to people who participate in the transportation of mountaineers for a fee. Today, they act as guides. If you want to climb Everest one day, it is worth mentioning that Everest route has two main routes, one on its southern slope (ie Nepal) and the other on its northern slope, Tibet.

6. About 300 people have died in the mountains of the region so far

The average mortality rate on Mount Everest is about 4%. Most climbers have died from avalanches, falls in crevices and crevices, and altitude sickness, and most deaths have occurred while descending a mountain. Unfortunately, many bodies have been left in the mountains due to the harsh conditions.

7. Death Zone on Everest

Among climbers, the 8,000-meter Everest region is known as the "death zone" due to lack of oxygen, as well as severe cold and fatigue of climbers.

8. The death rate has dropped to 2%

In recent years, the death toll has decreased with the development of mountaineering equipment and accurate weather forecasting. From 2000 to 2015, despite climbing more than 5,000 times, only about 100 deaths occurred.

9. Climbing Everest takes 10 weeks

To climb Everest, you must first adjust to a high altitude. This means that you have to practice over and over again in basic mountaineering camps activities that simulate your presence there. When you are ready and the weather is good and you have a few months off from work, you can reach the summit!

10. A peak with two heights

Two heights have been recorded for Mount Everest: a) 8,848 meters (including snow cover). This official height is recognized by China and Nepal. B) 8,844.43 meters (geological altitude). This height is measured by China and accepted by Nepal and is known as the height of Everest rocks.

11. A peak with different names

Tibetans call Mount Everest Chumulongma or Cumulongma, meaning "Holy Mother." In Chinese, this peak is called "Jumolangmaufeng", which means Mother Earth. The name Everest was chosen in 1865 by the Royal Society of Geography. The British Empire was at its height at the time, and the proposed British name became popular, although the surname of the discoverer was actually George Everest. In 2002, the People Daily published an article opposing the continued use of the mountain's English name in the West. This article noted that the Chinese name of the mountain, which has been on Chinese maps for centuries, is superior to its English name.

12. Air landing

French pilot Didier Delsale landed on Everest by helicopter in 2005 and returned four minutes later. In this regard, Delsaleh holds the record for landing at the highest height on the ground.


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