Drinks that cause weight gain

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Cold or hot drinks are one of the most important tools for the body to overcome the high or low temperature of the surrounding air, but they can also cause weight gain at older ages.

In hot weather there is nothing more enjoyable than drinking a cold drink. Also in winter, hot drinks such as tea are the best way to get rid of extreme cold, but with age, especially after the age of 40, experts recommend avoiding some drinks.

Drinks are the fastest way to gain weight as liquid calories make up 22% of your daily calorie intake. Researchers at Harvard and Boston University found that women who consumed sugary sugary drinks, such as soft drinks, gained 358 calories a day and gained weight over an eight-year period.

This report refers to a group of drinks that should never be consumed after the age of 40:

1- Coconut water with flavoring

Coconut juice is a good option, but when you add sweeteners and fruit flavors, it often turns into a drink that has more sugar than coconut.

2- Lemon juice

Lemon juice can be high in calories and sugar, and drinking too much may have a negative effect on your metabolism.

3- yogurt drink

Yogurt contains probiotics, which are important for maintaining a healthy gut, but can be harmful when too much sugar is added.

4- Frozen tea

Ordinary tea contains antioxidants that help increase metabolism, prevent the formation of new fat cells, fight disease and reduce the risk of stroke, but not all teas contain these benefits, because a study showed that you should drink 20 bottles of iced tea. Get the amount of antioxidants in a cup of homemade tea. In addition, this tea is full of sugar.

5- Diet drinks

All diet drinks contain aspartame, a synthetic sweetener that was initially produced to help with weight loss, but was later found to have the opposite effect.

6- Coffee bleaches

These bleaches are harmful in terms of calories and sugar.

7- Orange juice

Although it is a natural juice full of vitamin C, it has sugar and lacks any nutrients such as fiber or protein.

8- Energy drinks

These expensive drinks may boost your energy, but they are high in harmful sweeteners and cause more tooth decay than regular soft drinks.


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Everything ingested in excess is harmful. I think we should rather drink sugar-free beverages to minimize the amount of calories we ingest. And avoid bottled drinks. Especially after a certain age when our metabolism slows down and food is deposited in it more easily.

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