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There is a famous phrase that says: "Behind every successful man, there is a woman." I do not know who first used this sentence or what it meant, but it seems that this sentence does not mean to lighten or highlight one gender, but to show the support of couples and family members. That no success can be achieved easily without the support of those around you and your loved ones. It does not matter if a man has supported a woman or a woman has supported a man, it is important to have a success that both have contributed to.

Of course, this support for the couple sometimes takes on a more practical form, as love and science blend together and a couple work together to make an invention or discovery. There have been many such cases in the history of science. One of these couples, Marie and Pierre Curie, are great physicists and physicists who have named December 26 as the official anniversary of the discovery and introduction of the element radium.

Meanwhile, the name of the German couple who managed to make the Pfizer vaccine against coronavirus, namely "Ugurahin" and his wife "zlem Torre‌i", has also come to the fore.

In today's case, under the pretext of this incident, I review the lives of famous couples who shone side by side in the history of science.

From dating in the lab to common Nobel

Marie and Pierrie Currie

It can be said that Marie Currie's name and reputation are more complicated in history than Pierre Curie, but who can say for sure that if Marie's acquaintance with her husband and the subsequent cooperation between them did not happen, Marie Curie would have her place today. The story of Marie and Pierre's acquaintance also takes place in a completely scientific environment in Paris. During her student days, Marie did her research in physics and needed access to a laboratory environment.

They are introduced to each other by a physicist. Pierre, who has a laboratory environment, helps Marie do her own research in her laboratory. Gradually, the closeness of the two arouses their mutual interest. But the first time the old man proposes to Marie, he hears the answer "no."

Because Marie wanted to return to her native Poland, and she did. But in Poland she is not allowed to go to university because she is a woman. At this time, Pierre invites Marie to return to Paris to pursue her doctoral studies.

Marie returns to Paris and marries Pierre in 1895. Three years later, on December 26, 1898, they introduced the element radium to the world of science. Because of these efforts, they jointly received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903.

Three years later, Pierre was hit by a carriage in a tragic accident and lost his life. Marie Curie received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1911, becoming the first person to receive two Nobel Prizes in two disciplines.

Who sells dowry for the sake of science

Marie Anne and Antoine Lavoisier

The famous couple who made many discoveries in the 1700s were Marie and Antoine. They were active in the field of chemistry and today are known as oxygen explorers. Marie-Anne soon met and married Lavoisier when she was just 13 years old.

After marriage, the genius couple needed money to do their research to build a laboratory; So they started selling snake dowry. Marie and Antoine worked together to discover the role of oxygen in plant and animal respiration, as well as its role in combustion.

During their studies, they found that water was made of oxygen and hydrogen, and during their experiments, they were able to prove the conservation of mass. Using scales, Antoine Lavoisier experimentally revolutionized chemistry and justified a number of chemical phenomena through the law of conservation of mass and energy.

In addition to the important discoveries she made with her husband, Marie Ann also translated several scientific works during her lifetime, and by doing so, she helped to standardize the scientific method. Their life together ended with the execution of Lavoisier by the French Revolutionary Court.

Of course, Marie made many attempts to show the importance of Lavoisier's work and discoveries, but she could not save her husband's life. Years later, Marie Anne died on February 10 at the age of 78. 

Who are the founders of the invention against thieves?

 Mary Van Britten and Albert Brown

Nursing and electrical engineering may not seem like a lot of related fields. Few can be guessed that a couple with these fields of work could have a common invention, but it has become practical for Mary Van Britten and Albert Brown.

The story begins with the fact that in the 1960s, New York City became a hotbed of thieves who committed many crimes among the city police. This sparks an invention in the nurse's head. She, who spends many hours of the day alone at home due to the difference in his wife's working hours, decided to invent a security system so that she would no longer have to worry so much about the presence of thieves; So Mary and her husband Albert, a skilled electrician, were able to put their ideas into action.

Their invention consisted of three holes in the front door of the house that could be used by the tall, middle-aged, and children to see through the eye. They upgraded their invention by using a camera and transferring images to a monitor, as well as installing a microphone.

Eventually, this two-person collaboration led to the invention of a security system with video and audio capabilities that could also sound sirens and alert police. These innovations are known as the pioneers of systems such as automatic doors, CCTV systems, and siren buttons connected to the police department that are used today.

 Gareth and Carl Ferdinand Currie

Marie and Pierre Currie were not the only successful couples in the world with the Currie surname. Gareth Currie and Carl Ferdinand Currie met while students at the University of Prague and married in 1920 after graduation. Due to the deteriorating situation in Europe, they moved to the United States after marriage and began their research on carbohydrate metabolism at the Roswell Park Research Center in New York.

Gareth Currie became more interested in medicine by working with Carl in the lab. Gareth Currie was a biochemist and Carl Ferdinand Currie was a biochemist. The couple was very interested in studying the structure of the human body and especially how glucose is processed in the human body. After years of study and experimentation, they discovered a mechanism in which muscle tissue used glucose and glycogen for energy and then produced it as a store of energy.

They called this mechanism the cycle of blindness. The lactic acid cycle is the process by which lactic acid produced by anaerobic sugar produced in the muscles goes to the liver and is converted back to lactic acid. The couple won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1947 after this discovery. Gareth Currie was the third woman in the world and the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize in Science.

Irene and Frederick Julio Currie

The fruits of Marie and Pierre Currie's life are not limited to leaving a legacy of discoveries in physics and chemistry. They also shared a child with the world of science.

Irene Julio Currie, daughter of Marie and Pierre Currie, was one of the leading physicists of her time. At the age of 17, Irene married Frederic Julio, who had previously worked at the Radium Institute under Marie Curie. Frederic Julio Currie was a prominent French physicist and chemist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1935 with his wife Irene Julius Currie.

Of course, Frederick and Irene also reproduced their good genes, raising a girl named Helen and a boy named Pierre, who became physicists and biologists in France. Irene Julio Currie, like her mother, who lost her health in science, eventually died on March 17, 1956, of leukemia caused by exposure to radiation. His wife, Frederick, died two years later in Paris at the age of 58.

Isabella and Jerome Carl

Isabella Carl was a crystal scientist and Jerome Carl, an American chemist who met in 1940 at the University of Michigan Physics Chemistry Lab. The couple received their doctorate in physical chemistry in 1942 and married the same year, moving to Washington, D.C. to work in the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.

Together, they developed a method called the "direct method of determining molecular structure." After receiving the Nobel Prize, Jerome said that Isabella played a very important role in this project and that she was involved in this process. Jerome Carl is now 102 years old and Isabella is about to turn 100 years old.

Maybrit and Edward Moser

The winners of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Medicine are also a successful couple in the field of neuroscience. Norwegian neuroscientist Maybrit Moser and Norwegian neuroscientist Edward Moser. The couple met while studying psychology at the University of Oslo. In 2001, they conducted research on the body's internal positioning system, during which they discovered cells near the hippocampus that are essential for our memory and spatial orientation.


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