You are human after all

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Manusia sama saja Dengan binatang
Selalu perlu makan
Humans are the same as animals
Always need to eat
Namun caranya berbeda
Dalam memperoleh makanan
But the method is different
In obtaining food

Binatang tak mempunyai akal dan pikiran
Animals do not have reason and mind
Segala cara halalkan demi perut kenyang
All means are lawful for a full stomach

Binatang tak pernah tahu rasa belas kasihan
Animals never know compassion
Padahal di sekitarnya tertatih berjalan pincang
Though around him teetering limping

Namun kadang kala
Ada manusia seperti binatang
But sometimes
There are humans like animals
Bahkan lebih keji dari binatang macan
Even more despicable than a tiger beast
Tampar kiri-kanan alasan untuk makan
Padahal semua tahu dia serba kecukupan
Slap left and right reason to eat
Even though everyone knows he is self-sufficient

A lyric taken from the song with title Opiniku (My opinion) which was sing by Iwan Fals. One of the singers in my country Indonesia.

What can be interpreted is the matter of the singer's opinion about the evil of humans who are crueler than animals. Then is it appropriate if humans are pinned with animals?

It's just an opinion, but if you ask whether it's appropriate for us humans to use sentences about wrongdoing, what usually comes out is that sentences are also human beings, so it's only natural that we can make mistakes, isn't there nothing perfect in this world?

It seems unfair if humans are allowed to be understood while other living creatures than humans are not.

Whereas humans have something bigger and not owned by other creatures. And humans are aware of the existence of that thing beyond the existence of reason which is said to be the peak of the way of thinking and behaving.

Feelings, a feeling that is present in the creation of humans above said instincts possessed by animals.

Sentences like you are human after all can be strung together because there is a heart that creates these feelings. So that it presents an understanding that is present. Causing love, affection and the meaning of togetherness to tolerate to understand each other.

But for some reason it turns out that in creation and deeds it turns out that humans can forget or heed feelings. Which in the end exceeds the behavior of animals in the horns of life. And the saddest thing is that the nature based on this feeling is mostly not shared by state officials, people who are well-off, and also those who have power over a power.

Act and think that they can just like God are free to do anything according to their terms.

So it is possible that the sentence you are human after all may actually only be appropriate if it is pinned on human errors that are erroneous and momentary emotions without causing damage or loss to other people which can be fatal. As for those who are able to destroy or justify any means without caring about the existence of other people, they should not deserve to be called human, but they are more worthy of being called the descendants of the devil, the king of demons, who were created to do damage.

And many even admit that they are not human but with pride without fear say that they are one of the descendants of the devil.


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Topics: Writing, Devil, Human, ACT, Life, ...


And people who act selfishly were identified as similar to animals.

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1 year ago

That's why I'm confused, why the horned goat is synonymous with the devil.

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1 year ago