Wrapped rice

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The old man threw his cigarette pack on the ground. His hands are empty. Maybe the cigarette pack was empty too. He then leaned against the wall. His gaze rests on one object. His eyes focused on the muddy, muddy puddle in front of him. For a minute, he didn't budge. The next minute, his eyes were still sharp. Three minutes later, still. The next minutes, he was still at home. The incident lasted for approximately fifteen minutes. But no one really knows, whether he really saw, just stared, or his gaze was blank without thought process, or maybe without physical awareness. I actually saw him as only a lump of flesh, complete with bones, but without spirit.

I sipped a cup of coffee that I ordered earlier. I'm getting bored with the old man. I don't pay attention to it anymore.

When my interest in him was almost gone, he then teased me again. He crossed in front of me. Going to the rice wrap seller. Reached into his pocket and then took out two thousand bills. Pass it to the seller.

"What do you want to buy?" The seller was half bluffing.

"One Wrapped rice."

"You have enough money?"


"What is that?"

“I just had this. I will pay drawback. "

"Can not."



"I need this. Please."

"You need food, I need money. We're both in trouble, sir. "

"The rest I pay briefly."

"Where do you want to get the money? Your debt that you haven't paid yesterday. "

The old man was silent. He was silenced by the seller's question at the end of their debate. He left the seller. His steps limped. I watched their conversation with great irritation and raging anger. I wanted to drown the mouth of the arrogant seller with my punch. Meanwhile, the old man was getting further away. Her bowed head emphasized her hunched body, fragile, and vulnerable with time. He disappeared behind the wall.

I ordered two Wrapped rice packs. Not the seller earlier, but the seller beside him. I'm fed up with him. I handed him a sheet of five thousand and a sheet of two thousand. Cheaper. I put the package in my backpack and then walked following the old man's steps. I turned behind the wall where he disappeared earlier. My eyes are wildly searching. I saw him lying limply on a long chair, right under a fairly large tree. His eyes are groping and maybe trying to read mine. I sat near him. He was still lying there and still.

"This is Sir. I bought two. One for you and one for me. " I said while handing me Wrapped rice.

He looked at me for a moment, but with a better eye.

"Please, Sir. Take it! "

"Thank you." He said as he grabbed the package from my hand. With a smile then returned to silence. I unwrapped my rice wrap and ate it. But the old man remained silent. Take the food package. There was absolutely no sign that he would open it.

“Why don't you eat it, sir? Let's eat together." Invite me.

"No, nothing." The answer then returned to silence.

"Why, aren't you hungry?"


"Then why not eat it?"

"Just a moment. I want to sleep first."

I'm speechless. The old man was silent. He lay back down. Hug the package and sleep.


The next few days. As usual, after returning from campus, I immediately took city transport and got off at the terminal. The scorching heat. The terminal is congested. The car rubbed against each other, let alone humans. Nice space for beggars and boys cleaning public transport cars. I tried to get away from the collection of cars and humans. Sit alone under a tree. My throat is dry. I checked my wallet. There are only twenty thousand. It seems like only enough for two days. I had to save money, so tea glasses became my most realistic choice. Hunger doesn't matter, the important thing is I can get rid of my thirst.

When my glass of tea remains only a sip, someone walks up to me. His hunched body and wrinkled skin reminded me of who he was.

"Assalamualaikum!" He greeted with a happy smile. The old man, who was very shabby and disheveled the other day, now looks fresher.

“Waalaikumsalam, greetings sir! Come sit here. "

"Ok." He then leaned back his hunched body, while taking out a medium package from the large bag he was carrying.

"Here, Wrapped rice. You must be hungry. "

"What is this, sir?" I asked in surprise.

"Yes. Take it! I want to repay you. "

"What did you eat?"

“There are still two more packages. For me and my wife. "

"Oh. So you have a wife? "

"Yes. She's waiting for me to bring this food home. "

"Oh, I see, sir. Do you have a son? Why are you working? Why not just him? " I asked while receiving the food package.

"My son is dead, son. About a month ago, it was only the two of us left. "

"So where do you live?"


"Where is there sir?"

“Well there. If that's the case, I will be good-bye first. My wife has been waiting for a long time. "

"Yes sir. Thanks for the food. "

"It's ok. Assalamualaikum." Close it then goes.

"Waalaikumsalam." answer me.

I then ate the packaged rice, meanwhile, the old man walked out of the terminal. I saw him stop at the curb. He seemed hesitant to cross the road. I'm still eating my food. Suddenly a motorcycle lost control. Fast and drove towards the old man who was standing by the side of the road. The body that was aged and old grazed right at the corner of my eye. The food in my mouth immediately disappeared and I spat it out. I ran over to the old man's body which was lying on the ground. His body was covered in blood. Food packages were scattered everywhere. Glancing across the street, I saw an old woman screaming hysterically from inside a cardboard box that was arranged to resemble a hut.

"....…!" Her tears broke out in screams and her stiff body.

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