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Whose voice is that?

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8 months ago

I walked down the hall behind my school, after hours of extra activity. Darkness enveloped me this afternoon, making my heart beat fast. Makes goosebumps on my neck, remembering how scary the story of the past from this old building is. Yes! My school is indeed a Dutch heritage building. The large high door with the design of a building that has a hallway and which is interconnected with one another, makes fear slowly become.

Right now I'm alone here! My friends have been rushing to their dorms, ever since the sun still set foot right on my school earth. The breeze that came in through the gaps in the passage here, made my footsteps even heavier. I continued walking with a cautious attitude as if there were a pair of eyes watching my steps. I turned my gaze all over the place, even though the result I found nothing.


My steps stopped, something hit my mind. The blood in my body, barely flowing anymore, seemed to stop. My face describes how the taste bothered my brain, Yes! The fear got into me, even more, when I heard a voice calling out to me in solitude.

"Dea .. Dea?"

My heart is asking. Whose voice is that? I guess I'm just here alone? Because of the fear that became, I decided to immediately speed up my steps to leave this mysterious old building. My lips keep moving to read the prayer, along with the stiff steps of my feet which are getting faster and faster. Instantly my breath caught. My heart beats fast. And more and more cold sweat pouring down my body. Right, where I was standing, I saw a long-haired shadow standing in this hallway, he was standing by the window. From the shape of her body, I saw a woman like her. He was tall and thin. Wearing a white dress, beautiful, elegant, her dress covered up to her legs, it seemed like she was a respectable woman.

Was this figure the one who called me earlier? But who is this woman? Looks like I'm alone here? And I didn't find anyone here earlier. More curiosity arose in me. Ah! But, what can I be? I'm a girl too! I don't have that much courage to confirm all of this! My hunch saying bad got into my brain. How, if he is.

After almost all of these passages I have walked down. I stopped my steps to take a breath even if only for a moment. With a gasping breath. Leaning my back, which was drenched in a cold sweat, against the wall of the large old building beside the hall. The image of the woman in the white dress was still echoing in my mind.

Who was that woman? Looks like this is the first time I saw him. Is he a resident of this old building? It hit me as if I didn't see her feet. Ah, the feet! Where were the woman's feet?

It reminds me of many ghost stories that I usually hear as usual. They always say, if ghosts don't usually touch the ground, they float away. So that the legs are often not visible.

In the midst of curiosity that loomed over me, suddenly .. !!


With a jolt. Suddenly my eyes fixed on the door on the side of the wall that supported me. Hall room door! How can? The large door that had been rotten by this time and was normally closed suddenly opened. There was a creaking sound that seemed to slice me even more. Quickly, I cast my gaze. Ah! But no one was there!

I felt that my fear had not gone away, the fragrant smell of flowers scattered toward me, following the screams of the worn door. Cold! what I feel right now. Alone, in the middle of an old school hallway that holds millions of stories. Is it possible this time I will find the answer? From inside here, I heard the sound of raindrops falling outside. Lightning flashed like shouting to each other. These natural sounds merged with the sound of mysterious music that suddenly came from within the hall. They become one, forming a single rhythmic instrument, each of which produces a rhythm that is so perfect and beautiful.

This atmosphere managed to make my whole body tremble. So even for running, it feels like there is not the slightest strength left from my body like this body is locked so that it can't move. "Shut up". The sentence I heard this time. Instantly I couldn't remember what happened next. My head hurts. Dark.

When I regained consciousness, only the warmth I felt. Yes! The cold that previously filled this body, has turned into a warm air that is so comforting, I will not forget it until later. I see my bed is now a lake. The smell is stinging, really torturing the nose. It's a shame, it turns out that all these long stories are just dreams that ended in a hot spring lake. I think I peed the bed!

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Written by   478
8 months ago
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Greetings Peasant. Ah a short-story. I will tell my Bard to read it or sing it to me once I feel like it. Thank you for your contributions to the arts. It is a shame you are not of noble birth. Royal Regards, The Meme Lord, King of Memes.

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7 months ago

:)... Thank you for stopping by to read a boring shortstory. :) will wait for ur the best art meme here.

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7 months ago

Thank you for coines. Will come again.

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7 months ago