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We as humans have souls and feelings and are interested in things that exist in this world. Of the various things about life there are various kinds of interests that usually tend to become something that can be said to be a hobby or a habit. And from the hobby or habit, sometimes it is positive but can also be said to be negative. But that's a habit because it's used so it will be difficult to break

It's a lot to say hobbies or habits, of course there are various kinds that are the same and some are different. Which of these various kinds of things can be said to be your favorite hobby or habit? For me I really like everything that smells of wood, so if you see wood it feels like you want to make something out of it. So it can be said that my hobby is doing everything made from wood such as woodworking.

So from that, maybe some of the following include habits or hobbies that you like above all else.


This one hobby can be said the majority of women like it. It can be a positive thing but it can also be a negative thing if we can't measure our own abilities of course. However, if you talk about likes, hobbies or likes, it can be said that you don't know the word price. So this makes this hobby so mushrooming among female socialites in general. Shopping is fun, but if the money goes up and down, it seems like this hobby needs to be watched out for. 😉


Wow, this one is very different from the one above. Because the majority are usually liked by men. The hobby of fishing is usually favored mostly because of the pursuit of sensation when the hobbyists are struggling with their catch.

The sensation of catching fish is difficult to express, especially seeing the results that are caught are large and full of great struggle to get them. But don't get me wrong, this hobby can also be said to be expensive if it is for professionals who really like this fishing hobby. Because good fishing equipment is not cheap.


If for this one hobby, all people can be said to like it. Regardless of age or gender restrictions. Sport is one of the hobbies that has the most positive value among other hobbies.

It doesn't have to be expensive or expensive, and it can be done anywhere and anytime. Various kinds of things from the likes or hobbies of this one. And easy things to extreme sports.


Well this is usually liked by women, especially housewives. However, it is possible that many men also like this hobby, as evidence it turns out that many famous chefs are men. Whether it's from eating or something else, cooking has become a challenging hobby as well. Because the taste of the food is the main value of this hobby.


If for this one the average child and teenager who like it. And usually this game does require a fairly expensive cost. Because to maximize the hobby of gaming, the equipment and needs are really enough to spend in your pocket. From a special computer or console that is arguably not cheap. Plus, because this hobby involves technology changes or updates and the emergence of new gadgets, it becomes an obligation at all times if you want to feel the peak of satisfaction to be a gamer.


Not different from the hobbies above, this hobby is also quite expensive which can be said beyond our minds. Because of a hobby or interest in an item he collects, especially if it's a limited edition item, it's not cheap. When it comes to the word collector, it cannot be separated from antiques or those that are rare and hard to find. So the price of an item to satisfy this hpbi is quite surprising to our eyes. If you are not a ceazy rich, you might die standing up to be immersed in this one hobby.

Yes, there are still a lot of things about hobbies or preferences for something that can make us forget ourselves, such as traveling, reading, painting, dancing, surfing, racing and other things as long as we don't just like sleeping because most sleeping will become dizzy. Even though it's only a few points that I mentioned above, maybe some of them represent your hobbies that you like and you usually live up to now.

Hopefully the hpbi or zeal does not harm us or others, of course. Because usually when it comes to the word hobbies or hobbies, everything can be left to prioritize the basic or mandatory things in life. But that's a hobby we can't think about, forbid or think about. Because when the time comes he will instantly forget everything. And one thing that is important, don't like cellphones who only follow trends, choose and like something that we really like so that it fits our identity as it is.

Good luck with your activities today. Best wishes for the bitcoincash community. Happy Reading.

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( Just wanna share. )When I was little, we used to do fishing since our house was near by the sea. We had floating house and we do our fishing there. I only caught one fish but I was so happy.😁 But my hobby is dancing. Since I was a child, I already love dancing.

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