Treatise heart eroded by the world

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What is a heart treatise? Is it about psychology or about principles or views or threads? Think for a moment about reason, does reason understand part of the heart? Love is indeed turbulent within everyone, engraved from the point of view of life, not just love for the opposite sex or the sheen of wealth, but covers the scope of the universe and also about the practice of knowledge, both natural and worldly sciences.

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Split, and shackled from the cradle and expression. Sometimes it is shaken to the point of the rule of dead reason. Stepping from the form of respect and the lamp of the soul.

If we learn and the truth is we are learning about the word firmness, we will never be driven by emotions. Because it takes soul order and self-readiness to be said to be different from others. It doesn't matter if they are seen as bad or good, because the overall formation is only from the formation of self-belief and the practice of knowledge based on the journey of life and the upbringing that has been obtained. Both formal and non-formal knowledge develops and strengthens to form a true identity.

Hindrance are not just debates on differences of opinion from differences in views and thoughts obtained, but also come from the classic story of nature as a human being who was created as a living being to adapt to the existing reality. Poor or rich is just an allocation of fate that has been made to create a side of simplicity in addressing differences.

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In life, there are factors that are taken as a benchmark for achieving happiness. Success and failure are expressions as a measure of the value of happiness. And certainly different but create a wide difference in the meaning of happiness.

Heartache forms because of emotions, not because of words of rejection or differences of opinion. However, all forms of self-attitude do not want to accept other people's different views. Because right or wrong actually those who know the truth actually are those who own and give the word knowledge that comes from. God is all-knowing, and God is all-guiding. It's just that sometimes these pointers are often ignored and even deliberately ignored because of the urge of lust that resides within them.

The treatise of the heart does not only discuss the issue of love, even though basically it comes from the existence of love. Not only in creatures but also in the almighty. What is sometimes destructive is the form of the feeling of belonging as the owner, when in reality everything belongs to the Creator. It's like forgetting about self-recognition, recognition of rights, and recognition that one deserves to be called the best. Even though it shouldn't create the presence of a form of feeling that violates the meaning of the Formation of the Minutes of the Heart.

Then awareness returns to consciousness, and there is a request for forgiveness for self-forgetfulness as a created being.

"God forgive hearts that have been shackled from the nature and thoughts that lead to self-conceit."

"Because the truth belongs to Allah alone as the owner of the universe, humans are only a place of error and sin."

"Don't let this heart die."


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