Time and Space

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Slowly but surely time continues to change without ever stopping. Penetrate all the fortresses of life that exist without exception. Time without knowing everything that exists in the universe. Everything continues to be done, not because he doesn't care, but because it's his nature to go through this kind of thing.

With him, humans live side by side. With time, humans are based on the fact that a time will come, tomorrow will come, will be created later, and all will pass. Because when it all happened. There is no stagnation or stopping even for a moment. Everything goes on and on with the existing conditions.

When happy times come, there will be sad times.

When the time to meet comes, the time to part comes. When there is a time above, there will be a time below. When the time for crowds comes, there will come a time when silence hits.

Everything happens with time as if towards all the factors that exist in the world based on time.

Because there is time, there will be words of hope. So that every dream can make a wish come true. I don't know when the time will come. Not to tease but that's the reality when the time comes.

Likewise, when there is the word love. About the story of humans who love and be loved. Not knowing anything else, everything just happens. If we talk about love, it goes with time. When love is not reciprocated, time will also answer and give a more meaningful reply later.

Without time, of course, the world will be empty beyond the emptiness of humans when they love and are not loved. Indeed, we sometimes hope that time can be replayed or stopped for a moment to fulfill all the circumstances that befall us when we want it. But consciously or unconsciously, it is only one of the waves of dreams that will not be possible.

Time has been created by the almighty will continue to run according to its nature. It goes on and on and on that's time. Incomprehensible and incomprehensible.

The time will come, the time will come. Every human being will often say that sentence with time. Because basically consciously unconsciously realize that that is the journey of life based on time.

There will be a beginning and there will be an end, it is a reminder to yourself that everything runs according to time.

Memories become a result of the journey from time to time. The future will be the answer to all the unanswered questions that go along time after time.

Is it true that in time there is space? So that we can pass through time? Penetrate into the past or penetrate into the future. If so, what does space-time look like? There are still thousands of unanswered questions.

Everything is still an estimate of the method that is still limited based on the times that run with time. If so, what would it be like? Then what if all of that really exists, is it true that destiny can be changed and the human journey means change too.

With the thought of space-time, thousands of questions are created. If it's possible then it's not like that anyway. At issue with the expression means that there are parallel world words. So it doesn't affect what has happened based on the journey. It only changes in another parallel world whose story if it can be changed.

The deeper you go, the more unacceptable it is. But it is a discussion that is still and will continue to be revealed with the passage of time. I don't know whether there will be an answer or there will be a point of accepting what is on the basis of human limitations as created beings.

Hopefully, we will realize that in the end it was the will of the Almighty. So to look for what is said that it is the authority of God is no longer a context that must be done.

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This is a very in-depth article you made. I also had this question in mind when I was little. When do time ends? Maybe that was just out of curiosity of me as a young kid.😁

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2 years ago