The roar of humming community songs

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What else, when everything has penetrated into the broken pegs it seems like it needs new, stronger, and stronger pegs. Lots of problems with massive withdrawals of funds on an exchange giving a bit of a panic signal to market conditions. And of course, the panic is also more pronounced in the condition of the existence of the exchange in question. Trying to brush it off and report it by saying that the inflow was on a large scale instead looks like it is covering up the real conditions that are happening.

Which one is true and which one can be used as the main ingredient of truth news?

The market briefly strengthened before December 15, the FED again raised their interest rates by 0.5%. Only half a percent, however, made the crypto market fluctuate again in anticipation of what would happen in the future. Where the anticipation of the existence of a crypto bottom problem means it hasn't happened yet.

In other words, no one dares to speculate on the condition of the crypto winter that has been going on for so long in 2022. Even though it was just an expression of speculation, it turns out that the volatility of crypto values has become a frightening specter for some crypto lovers at the end of this year. Apart from the many problems that have occurred, of course, whether from the big problems that were revealed or other small problems in the crypto ecosystem itself.

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Crypto projects are still running, of course, but it seems like it needs a hard struggle in market conditions that are currently experiencing a downtrend. Hoping and trying is still an effort for some developers to provide new steps as opening the way to get out of this dark period.

On the other hand, the top part of the community that is said to be recognized is still busy discussing basic issues and also the existence of on-chain and off-chain. I do not know what is their mindset as a maximalist community has become their nickname. Busy fighting for the conditions of truth and their own beliefs. Thus showing uncertainty about their own views.

In other parts of the community, it is slowly and gradually following the pattern of existing economic flows. Unencumbered because the condition of the steps and goals are already in the corridor and the goals that are actually being fought for. Even if there are discordant voices, it only revolves around the form of the problem of holding and using it like currency. Don't think too much about the word value or the amount of value that exists. There are only expressions of the struggle for adoption and acceptance as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system in the eyes of the world.

Other builds still question the existence of the consistency and strength of upgrades that have been running. It is hoped that the reduction in transaction fees and success will bridge the gaps in the blockchain and set the limits on the number of coins created or remain in an unlimited state.

Small part but hoping to become something big choked on several token projects that have been recognized. It is undeniable that the language of fear of being worthless is the obstacle that is feared to occur. So that they are busy fighting for and giving a breath of life to each of their respective projects.

Countries with their task forces as protectors and inspection agencies work hard but can smile with the existence of the existing economy. The inclusion of incoming tax issues is still a part of the profits for the country apart from the problem conditions that occur in the crypto world itself. Language protects and guards like only a melodious voice but is discordant to be heard in reality.

The perpetrators, both users, investors, and beneficiaries of the existence of crypto, can only take a deep breath to survive this crypto winter. Quiet, like no noise going on. Sometimes there are ripples of laughter, but only astray returning to silence in silence and tired of waiting for the time to return to feel the calm created by the presence of crypto like in previous times.

Pulling over is not to stop, but just to try to find a new path that can be fought for again or just to rest and relieve fatigue after waiting so long. While trying to hum melodiously so that you can get through this journey full of pain, it can be treated immediately or can get rid of the pain that feels like it didn't happen.


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These are deep words and the the bad choice of clothes is worst over the bad weather 🤭

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