The real cryptocurrencies

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What are real cryptocurrencies like? If referring to the emergence of the term crypto, surely everyone will answer that Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency. But is that really the case, and why is there an original term cryptocurrency?

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To search clearly and definitely, of course, only the bitcoin creator can answer correctly and others will say it's true. Unfortunately to live up to that expectation will be a bit difficult because the creator of bitcoin himself has disappeared and left the thing about bitcoin to the community.

Then how can we say cryptocurrencies are genuine in their current state without expecting Satoshi as the creator of the first crypto that gave birth to new cryptos in the end?

If the answer is based on the presence of whitepapers left as evidence of how bitcoin was created, maybe a little further, we can find out what the original cryptocurrency actually looks like. The problems of pros and cons, in the end, are only freedom of opinion on the thoughts and choices of each party concerned.

Of course, only Bitcoin can be said to be the original cryptocurrency. Refers to being the first crypto to exist. Which is digital, decentralized, anonymous, uses the proof of work transaction validation method, is fast, and was created as an alternative currency to existing currencies.

So if something goes off the rails, it means it's not the real cryptocurrency. Like crypto which uses the proof of stake method or second-layer validation as proof of transaction services.

In that formation, it can be said that maybe this is included in the cryptocurrency class that was created from the development of the first cryptocurrency so that the term altcoin besides bitcoin appeared.

But is it true that the bitcoin we know today can still be said to be the original cryptocurrency?

It seems that it is difficult to say that the real bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency. Because the developments that have occurred in the corridor of bitcoin itself can be said to be no longer in accordance with the initial idea that bitcoin was created. If you could say the legitimacy of the main points has been ignored and made bitcoin today is not bitcoin which can be said to be the original cryptocurrency.

If you can say that the original cryptocurrency has disappeared, what can be found as the original altcoin is easier than bitcoin. Because even if the term altcoin was coined as a coin other than bitcoin, there are still many original coins other than bitcoin that still work with their creators as the basis for the priority of the choice of the original word formation. Like Ethereum, Dash, Monero, and others.

Wildly maybe the readers who read my writing this time think I only want to bring my opinion about the existence of bitcoincash as the original cryptocurrency. But sorry that's not it, even though bitcoincash is my choice as a cryptocurrency that still works according to the original idea that bitcoin was created, the problem is that this is just a personal choice over other people's choices. So that I myself cannot say bitcoincash is the original cryptocurrency because I am only a user in the crypto community, not a bitcoin creator who can be unanimously followed to follow.

So it is possible to find the answer for sure, as in the initial paragraph it was said that only the creator of bitcoin can say which is the original cryptocurrency (bitcoin). And hopefully one day the existence of the creator of bitcoin will appear or be known so that answers can be found about what and how the original cryptocurrency actually is.


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