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The Limits of the Crypto world Horizon

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5 days ago

The thing that becomes a natural thing is that what is in the world will have its limits. Good in any way. Although all imagination is described as unlimited as the virtual world which is said to be limitless, in reality, there will be limits. Crypto is also created with a limited scope of word formation and some are not. But of course, the limit will still come because it is still in the world of human creation.

The most striking thing in the crypto world regarding limits is the existence of security, regulation, taxes, and the worthlessness of a coin that is created or known as a dead coin. Not to mention addressing the problem that still haunts and becomes the most feared thing in 2022, namely the problem of scams or fraud in the crypto world which is increasingly happening.

Apart from the existence of problems that are usually targeted by scammers and master fraudsters in the crypto world, the biggest thing will be the increasing number of scams that occur because of the problem that many investors who want to become billionaires are carried away by the news of the stories of investors who have succeeded in making profits in the crypto world. Plus the lack of knowledge and the lack of socialization of the introduction of crypto to the general public properly and correctly. The main thing that is presented is the problem due to the existence of regulations and the loss of public trust in the actual government institutions.

Long before crypto as it is today, it was easier to recognize the existence of the crypto world than it is today. The thing that complicates the current conditions is that there are so many new things in the crypto world as if without a break, but there is very little application to the community regarding the presence, benefits, and how to clearly and correctly address the problem of objectives. Most of the many who attend spontaneously, disorganized, let alone have a clear direction and purpose.

The very broad horizon of the crypto world ultimately has limitations on its existence and shortcomings to make it easier to understand and bring fewer negative factors from the existence of crypto creation. Things that are more inclined are getting more and more words of fraud, competition, and the creation of the scope of small groups that are increasingly being created. The boundaries of the word moral are increasingly being abandoned, even though the main value brought is still the word moral for humanity in the end.

And the final conclusion that can be drawn after I reread what I wrote this time about crypto issues is the final word. As for the final goal, it turns out to be the same as in what formation I made this time, namely that there is a limitation on the problem that makes me personally confused about what the contents of this paper are. I don't know what the intent and purpose is, it only presents absurd writing that is strung together by typing fingers who want to write an article. 🤣🙏🤣


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Written by   509
5 days ago
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Another thing, crypto is very risky and some people will introduce someone to this in order to have "easy money" and when the time they trade that's how they lose everything..

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4 days ago