The Dark Horse of Cardano

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Lately, the growing interest in crypto assets has continued to attract a lot of attention. And one of the assets that need to be noted as one of the crypto assets for good investment today is Cardano. Cardano or ADA is an Altcoin that can be said to be a dark horse for a pretty good choice to choose as an asset.

Cardano was created by Charles Hoskinson, where he was known as a mathematician and entrepreneur. Hoskinson also has experience in the crypto world, as one of the people who were and was with several others to create Ethereum (ETH).

Many things that make Cardano can be the reason why it can be called one of the dark horses today. Currently, there are at least around 25 billion ADA cryptocurrency coins in circulation. While it still hasn't beat Bitcoin and Ethereum's market cap, Cardano is a pretty promising investment. Some of them are:

  • Cardano belongs to the third generation of cryptocurrencies, so it is considered one of the most up-to-date. As the third generation in the world of cryptocurrency Cardano is a solution to problems that existed in the previous generation. Where can Cardano solve problems: such as the ability to operate within scalability, interoperability, and sustainability.

  • In August 2021, Cardano will launch its first smart contract, which allows tokens and NFT on the Cardano blockchain.

  • Many crypto experts and economists are optimistic about developments regarding the progress and development of Cardano in the future.

  • Cardano (ADA) is a cryptocurrency that offers attractive advantages, due to its relatively cheap price, Cardano also uses technology that ensures security and ease of mining and transaction processes.

  • The latest news is that Cardano has become one of the crypto assets listed on the German stock exchange.

In fact, someday we will all really need to have a digital currency, not only for practical reasons but also for some reason it is necessary to consider investing in one currency according to the progress of its era.

Where I prefer assets that have gained critical mass in terms of market capitalization. Therefore, leading cryptos with a market cap of over $ 1 billion have the best chance of success. And also of course in accordance with the conditions of the belief that I believe where an asset or currency has a limited capacity.

So far we have seen about the bullish trend, digital currency is a market and all markets tend to rise to levels that can rise to higher levels than anyone would believe during a bullish trend.

And once gravity hits, cryptocurrencies will tend to fall to illogical levels on the downside. We are now in the middle of a substantial bullish and parabolic period in the asset class. Even though the trend has always made it one of our best friends in the market, and remains higher, one thing to watch out for is the risk that the severely corrected value will increase with the token price.

Now could be the right time to put down tokens and coins by sorting out the best opportunities to succeed in our predictions and assessments. So when a period of gravity hits the market, the volume level buying at a lower price can be said to increase the chances of success in the long-term choice.

Crypto players or crypto lovers do believe in virtual currencies, which on average are eager to see alternative tokens or altcoins. So that it can save this currency as a diversification strategy in addition to investing in Bitcoin.

Most of it could be said to be riskier than Bitcoin, of course. However, come back again. If we feel confident about an asset, then we can prepare for a much higher potential return.

Cardano has had an incredible debut which finally saw ADA break the US $ 1 in early January 2018. And had dipped to around 2 or 3 cents at the lowest level. But Cardano with his ADA back at the level of US $ 1, so investors think there is still a miracle in the future for Cardano.

Basically, many things make the future bright for crypto assets other than Bitcoin. Some may also see it as "junk coins", but the advantages of Cardano apart from the above points can be said to be one that is really supported by true innovation. Cardano really does, where ADA is an environmentally, socially and governance (ESG) friendly Altcoin (ESG) due to its sustainable architecture.

Note: This is not a solicitation or advertising service, this is only the point of view of the author and the author is not a financial advisor. Do a more detailed check before investing in the Bitcoin or cryptocurrency market.

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Hey, I have a question. Will ADA reach $2 for this week? When the price of ADA started to be on the ground, I started to convert it to USD and I already got 30% of profit on my little capital which is $11. Few days ago, I decided to buy ADA at $1.30 mark and I hope it will reach $2 haha.

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3 years ago