The Blind Seeks the Sun

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Starting from a rickety old hut, at that time there lived a family consisting of a husband and wife and two sons. The head of the family is named Mr. Sumber (as people call him) and his wife is named Mrs. Simpun (as people call him), and their two sons are named Tabung while her younger daughter is named Kumpul.

The family life is lacking, they only hope for wild forest fruit products and hunt to fulfill their family's needs, even then they eat a day and sometimes don't eat, even the clothes they wear can be said to be dry on their bodies, all the results are not there to change. Seeing such a life, her two children couldn't demand much. All she could do was play and help her parents look for fruit and hunt in the forest, didn't know what stationery was, let alone school.

As the days go by, weeks turn to weeks, months change months to years, the two children, Mr. Sumber, should be getting to know the school, but their parents can't afford to send their children to school because of the many problems. what they face, in addition to the other problems they face, there is no cost to send their children to school, also because they live in the forest far from the school location.


In the morning, the sun shines so bright, Mr. Sumber does not like usual when he wakes up from sleep he rushes to the forest to make a living, but that morning he was pensive on the front porch of his hut sitting on a bench made of wood. Little, he thought and wondered to himself, what will the fate of his children be if he stays in the forest, how will the children if my wife and I have died, how can they make ends meet. Source of questions in the heart that morning.

When Mr. Sumber's mind wandered, he didn't get an answer, suddenly he was startled by the voice of his wife who had been beside him. "Sir ... what do you think is unusual, you are pensive?" asked his wife. "Oh... I just surprised you, Mr. Sumber, while turning to his wife" there was nothing, Ma'am, replied Mr. Source, "But you are not sitting as usual," asked his wife again, "I am thinking about the fate of the children. we will later ", replied the source. Mrs. Sumber just remained silent, not a word came out of her mouth, only tears came out of the eyelids of Mr. Sumber's wife. "Ma'am ... you have a thought, what if we move houses closer to the city so that the children can go to school like other children," said the source. when moving closer to the city, "replied Mrs. Simpun. While taking a deep breath Mr. Sumber did not immediately answer what his wife said. For a moment the atmosphere on the veranda of the house was quiet, the husband and wife just looked at each other. Not long after, there was a voice from the mouth of Mr. Sumber, he turned to his wife, "Mom ... For the sake of the children, what are we doing later, the important thing is not to have someone?" The source replied. Well, if you think it's good, my wife just obeys, for the future of our children.

It didn't feel like their conversation was long enough, the sun had started to crawl higher and higher. Pak Sumber rushed to the side of the hut to pick up his usual equipment and went straight to the forest to make a living while hunting.


One day Pak Sumber went to the city with his first child, by walking they had left early in the morning, on the way the father and son were chatting.

"It's still a long time to come to the city sir ..?" asked Tabung, "Yes, son, we will arrive in about two hours," replied the source. "Wow, it's very far, sir," asked Tabung again. "That's right because we traveled by foot," replied the source. "Sir ... If we go by bicycle, of course, it will arrive a bit soon, sir?" "Of course it will arrive quickly, son," replied the source. "But unfortunately we don't have a bicycle," said Tabung "Be patient, kid, one day we will definitely be able to buy a bicycle," Sumber replied (while comforting his son).

Suddenly there was a roar and the hustle and bustle of traffic, a jolt of hearts and feelings, ah what sound was that I asked myself, and soon I saw and I saw the bustle of motorized vehicles and the back and forth of people. Wow, it's so busy, there are lots of cars, motorbikes, and rickshaws too.

Son .. let's go to the market, take Mr. Sumber with his son, What do we want to buy, Sir ?, asked Tabung, We buy what we need according to the available money.

Seeing that it was already noon and what had been purchased was enough, Mr. Sumber and his son immediately came out of the market and went straight home. On the way home, Mr. Sumber and his children met children coming home from school. Immediately, Tabung asked, "Sir, there are so many children and the clothes are of the same good color again" "Oh, those are the children who came home from school," replied Mr. "Wow, do you want to be like them, sir?" asked his son again "Yes .. someday you and your sister will definitely be like them" replied Mr. Sumber. "Right, sir ..?" he asked again, "Yes .. surely you can"

They did not feel their way to the house, ma'am ... ma'am ... we came, the sound of a tube called her mother hurriedly Mrs. Simpun opened the door.


As usual, Mr. Sumber's family before going to bed they gathered in the front room of his hut, continued the conversation yesterday morning Mr. Sumber started talking to his wife and two children, Our children are planning to move houses…! What do you think ...? Sumber's two children were silent for a moment looking at each other without any sound coming out of their mouths, but suddenly Mrs. Simpun spoke softly with her eyes fixed on her two children. "How do your children agree we move house ..?" Eh .. eh, where do we want to move ma'am ?, Ask the tube to his mother ..? Yes, you want to move to where we are the younger siblings also ask…? We want to move to a village that is close to the school, said Mrs. Simpun and the head nodded, Pak Sumber, signifying yes. Hooray .. hooray we can go to school, said Kumpul while looking at her brother's smiling face as a sign of joy over their move plan. My children, that is what your father and mother meant for this move so that you can go to school to study for your future.

Not felt the time was getting late and the two children of Mr. Sumber looked drowsy as a sign of sleepiness. "The children are getting late, now you sleep because tomorrow morning you are packing preparations for us to move". Yes sir .. While getting up from the seat, Tubes and Gathered towards the bed.

There remained Mr. Sumber and his wife who were still sitting to continue their move plans for the future of their two children. How is there anything that we need to talk about again? Asked the source to his wife. I think we have matured our plans, sir, so we take a break first, sir, you're tired all day at work! Yes .. yes .. let's take a break.


In the bright morning, the sun shines on Argo Mukti village, a village on the outskirts of the sub-district, where there is an elementary school building which is in poor condition but that is the only school that is used to study children in the village. SDN Argo Mukti is the name of the school.

Teng ... teng ... teng ... the sound of class entry bells, students orderly enter their respective classes, not to mention Tabung and Kumpul also enter the class accompanied by their parents, knowing that they are both new students who are not used to the atmosphere. as busy as he saw as long as they were still living in a remote area away from the school crowd.

Like other schools, SDN Argo Mukti conducted an orderly and fun learning process, students also enthusiastically participated in learning in their respective classes.

Exactly at 11.30 Teng… Teng… Teng… the bell rang as a sign of going home from school, on the way home, Tabung and her sister talked and joked with each other, they could see their faces were happy because they could go to school like the other children.

"Sis ... how do you feel happy that you can't go to school?" ask Tabung to his sister. With enthusiasm, Kumpul replied, "yes, of course, I am very happy," replied Kumpul. "Then how do you feel happy too, right?" Asked his sister. "Yes .. I'm also very happy, finally we can go to school", answered Tabung.

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