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In using Bitcoincash to meet my daily needs because my country is hit by a ban on the use of crypto payment methods, so to anticipate it usually I use swap exchange services as a service.

The advantage of the swap service is there is no need for registration obligations for every transaction that we are about to carry out. As well as Providing Security, Speed ​​, and Convenience that the swap service system will search over a hundred market channels to find the current best price and the desired quantity.

Of the various swap services that are widely scattered on the internet today. I used to use swap services based on relatively low fees and fast transaction confirmations. From these two I needs, I choose 3 swap services and 1 gateway payment service, they are:

1. Sideshift.ai

The swift.io service has several advantages apart from the 2 categories that I need. Another advantage of their swap service is the provision of an added bonus for every transaction we use to get a token belonging to this swap service and quite a lot of supporting other cryptos around 30+ cryptocurrencies. The swift.io token is an XAI token. From the bonus results for every transaction I do this token, then I put it in staking where from staking we can get a share of 25% of SideShift.ai revenue, distributed daily.

The drawback of this service is that there is a minimum requirement for each transaction depending on the cryptocurrency to be exchanged.

2. Fixedfloat.com

This service offers pretty well and reliable for swaps. Besides only requiring 2 confirmations in swap Bitcoincash to another. The rate for exchange is given two options, where we can choose whether the exchange rate is fixed or floating according to our strategy where 1% is fixed, and 0.5% for floating swaps when we use this swap service.

Just like swift.io, this service also has a minimum limit for each transaction when using its service.

3. Blocktrade.us

Blocktrade.io is a swap service commonly used by steem and hive users at its time. The advantage is that there is no minimum limit, where they only remind you to always cover the fee for each transaction when we want to do the swap, which we will do.

Unfortunately, if you use this swap service especially for Bitcoincash, it takes 6 confirmations to be able to say it is complete, so it's a bit longer than the others.

In addition to the solution for using it as a payment that I need, I usually use the www.coinpayments.net gateway service.

Coinpayment is a third-party service for every crypto payment that is usually used by online store sites or payment services that use their services.

The crypto payment gateway is made easy and accessible for everyone.

The advantage of using the payment gateway service with their service when we want to choose #bitcoincash as crypto payment is that only requires 2 confirmations and it is considered that the payment transaction has been completed. So it's fast enough for mobility needs and the number of website services that are supported by them. The drawback is never to use their wallet service because the fee for withdrawal is quite large, the same as other exchange services.

As for the solution to be able to use payments with a small fee, I use a wallet like electroncash, bitcoin.com or badger wallet when I want to send the a payment so the fee that applies is relatively small or cheap.

Those are some of the swap services that I usually use and support several payment services for my daily needs that support several payment services in Indonesia. And of course, until now I'm still looking for and hoping there will be a fintech service in my country that will directly support Bitcoincash to the Indonesian currency (Indonesian Rupiah).

note: This paper is not for promotional purposes. All risks and problems the author is not responsible for negligence or events outside the discussion that occurs.

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