Shard of Glass

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Jono is still faithfully wet in the small river. While occasionally moaning because the child of the thorn at the edge of the river pierced his arm. His two thick arms seemed to move in the water. Making the river's turbid water surface move in waves. With one lift, Jono's hands raised a chop full of river sand. The drops of river water from the wastebasket fell on and wet his black face.

He spilled the contents of the wastebasket along with another mound of sand that he estimated would have sold over two hundred thousand. Had imagined in his mind spending the money from dredging sand that time with a routine he loved so much. Drinking at the Srini stall. The little shop on the edge of the village wouldn't even look like a stall if it wasn't crowded at night.

Like moths swarming neon at night, men - farmers, laborers, or sand seekers like Jono - will fill the place at dusk. Starting from an invitation from his neighbor, Marno, Jono began to frequent Srini's stall. Apart from being addicted to Javanese whiskey, wine, his youthful blood is always spurred on to his head when he sees Srini's beautiful face, which actually attracts him every night to the shop like a magnet pulling a needle.

Jono let out a heavy breath into the air. He lay down on the sand dune that he had collected from the morning. He lit the cigarette that he had tucked in his shirt earlier. He inhaled deeply the smoke from the remaining salvation cigarette. A second later the billowing smoke carried with him some of the burdens that held his mind.

In his house, which is only a plot away, lies his old mother. His mother's body which since seven years ago was ravaged by lung cancer. Jono has long given up trying to catch his mother's breath. Now only the neighbor's compassion makes his mother's heart still beating.

I'd better have fun, thought Jono.

He turned off the cigarette. He got up and walked toward the river, intending to continue his work. Just one step into the water, something sharp stabbed the sole of his foot.

"Ah, damn it!", He said, surprised. He staggered into the sand he had collected. Stinging and pain suddenly hit his leg. While enduring the pain, Jono examined what had pierced the sole of his foot. A shard about a finger's length stuck into the flesh. While the blood continues to drip, Jono struggles to endure the pain back home. However, when he arrived in front of Marno's house, Jono collapsed. Too much flowed from his body. Marno's wife, who was surprised to see her neighbor lying on the street, immediately called her husband. The two of them carried Jono's body into the house.

Jono's eyes felt heavy. Slowly he tried to open his eyes. Everything is still visible in Jono's eyes.

“Mr. Jono? You have regained consciousness? "Asked a strange voice in his ear.

"Where is this?", Jono asked back. Gradually the lines that formed the silhouette of that person began to clear.

"In the hospital, you just rest first ..", said the doctor.

"Ah, how come?" Said Jono, surprised.

"Your neighbor brought you here... Please rest ..", the doctor walked away.

Jono's mind wanders. Hospital administration must be extraordinarily expensive. And Marno wouldn't possibly pay for him.

Jono sighed.

The next day, the doctor gave him the bad news. The shard of shard in Jono's leg cannot be removed at all. They have tried everything but to no avail. The doctor referred to the major hospitals in the capital. But what can I do, the money that was supposed to have fun yesterday has run out.

Jono decided to go home.

Now he is just lying near his mother who is also lying helpless. Between conscious and unconscious, Jono's mind drifted. His spirit seemed to fly to a place. A familiar place. He vaguely saw two people arguing in the river, he used to dredge the sand. One person he recognized as Srini's husband, and another holding a bottle of Arak. Jono narrowed his eyes. Marno?

Marno's hand seemed to go up. The glass bottle filled with beer inevitably hit Srini's husband on the head. He also collapsed along with the pieces of glass in his temple. One of the pieces plunged into the river. Marno was nervous. Quick as lightning he lifted his feet from the place.

Jono is only able to see. His lips are locked.

Jono Spirit rose again. His soul, as light as cotton, seemed to be pulled by a thread leading to his body. Jono woke up stuttered. His vision was blurry. His mind was in a daze. But suddenly his vision became clear. Srini's husband, who had died, sat in front of him. The figure pushed his pale face wet with broken bottles still stuck in the head.

Jono shouted as loud as he could. He did not care about the pain in his leg, he kept running against the rickety door of his house until it came off.

"Deviil l..! Deviilll..! ", say Jono.

Instantly the villagers gathered. Marno is among them. He approached Jono.

"What is wrong, No?" Asked Marno.

Jono looked at Marno.

"Butcher .. !!!", he said vaguely while accusing Marno.

“Srini .. !!

Butcher! Srini ..! ”, Residents looked at Jono in surprise. Marno looked embarrassed by Jono's words. He suddenly disappeared from the crowd. The residents finally arrested Jono, who began to collapse. They locked poor Jono in a goat pen owned by a resident. Midnight that too. In the middle of the stocks, Jono just curled up and kept on babbling.

Suddenly, the figure of Srini's husband appeared again. Jono screamed hysterically until he finally passed out.

The first cock crowing was just heard. The black figure crept into the goat cage belonging to a resident. His hand was holding a glass bottle. The cage door creaked and let the black figure approach the half-conscious Jono. The black figure's hand appeared to be lifted. He swung the glass bottle in his hand towards Jono's head firmly. Jono shrieked.

"Butcheeer rr... !!!!"

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