Revealing the memories that have been washed away

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Crypto crashes are currently being discussed, especially for crypto lovers. On the other hand, conditions regarding global economic problems are for observers of the existence of the world economy. Meanwhile, other things like ordinary things are about the world of war, showbiz that is presented in it, human daily life, education, and health, or about cultural and religious issues.

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Has been trapped in the world that is said to be today's world. Or it should be like this which continues to happen even though it looks like it has changed in every era but what is present is actually not much different. Even if it is said to be trapped, it doesn't feel right to say it like that because it is the same as violating nature or destiny that must be lived. Indeed, change will only come from changes in humans themselves. How to want to change, and how to take a perspective in life.

Sometimes we really have to uncover the memories that have been washed away to be able to give warnings or lessons for what has been passed before. It doesn't mean repeating and repeating so that it has to be repeated and in the end, the trapped word comes out. Where this is a lesson so that the trapped words can be avoided and not lost again.

The initial paragraph starts with the existence of crypto, then to the economy and problems commonly encountered in previous lives. I don't know why I have to start with the word crypto, maybe because it's currently sticky and what I personally relate to is the crypto issue, so the first thing that comes to crypto is crypto. Even though in reality it only reviews and discusses the context of life about the word memories.

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What the point is to take away from the usual meaning of the word memories is the problem of love problems. So try to be directed to the goal not to review love. So it's a true memory because it's about life.

All the memories that are present and trying to be uncovered are about problems that have occurred in terms of existing events and phenomena. The fact is that the current existence is jolted to remember so that it does not repeat itself and can be taken advantage of in the future to produce better results.

Revealing from the existence of events recorded in the media, or in personal memory. It may seem as if it was previously carried away by the swift currents of life, but it is again trying to be uncovered so that what has been swept away can be gathered back into a single unit that can save the journey of life that is being lived and in the future.

The world does have unsolved mysteries. But it turns out that the world also holds various memories that should not be forgotten. And it is very clear that this only applies to the humans who inhabit it. And it means that there are only humans who inhabit this world as intelligent creatures of God. And that means that humans themselves create conflict or peace to be achieved as a whole.


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