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At the beginning of this year, January is a month that deserves to be dubbed the fulfillment of panic selling events in the crypto world. Where this is due to the bear market that occurred during this month period. The psychology that can be said to sell with the value of the loss obtained. Theoretically, it is reasonable to do so for those who are new to or familiar with crypto. However, this cannot be done by incumbent players, because this can also happen to incumbent investors who are more careful to protect their assets.

Talking about panic outside of calm is more common, of course, because the losses generated by the market are unable to stem from holding. Although the existence of holding is actually more focused in this condition. However, considering the problem of a drastic decline, and it happened beyond what most people expected, panic selling was more than the current hodler.

So far Bitcoin has only been able to crawl up around $40k but has not been able to show an increase of more than $50k, while the bear that is expected to occur at $30k is almost realized where Bitcoin has been at $33k this month. This also has an impact on the condition of other altcoins, following the fall in the value of bitcoin altcoins also fall helplessly.

The drums of the presence of several projects, as well as the polemics that occurred, the trend of tweets from public figures, and positive trances, did not help to release the market wave to do bulls this month. although there are still 3 days left to see what can happen this month, it looks like the bear market trend will still be the trend for January 2022.

Then look forward to next month who knows what will happen next in the range of monthly predictions this year. Indeed, there are some who say market conditions will recover in April for this year. But everyone is still chirping about freedom of expression in speculating in the crypto world. In general, what is clear is that there are many psychological problems for traders and investors who have been affected by market conditions at the beginning of this year.

Bear and Bull are common, panic and hodl are also expressions that are commonly issued in every situation. The decrease or increase in investors also does not rule out the possibility of cryptocurrencies going forward. Legal and illegal issues, now it's just a waiting period for the existence of applicable laws with the existence of taxes that the institution wants to get.

The real problem is, security concerns and also the basic purpose crypto is created for today's world. Where with the existence of technological advances, the existence of security and benefits is also prioritized. Seeing the many incidents of fraud and hacking that have actually done a lot of harm lately. Thus creating a new polemic regarding the existence of Centralization and Decentralization edicts that are carried out properly and maturely in the future.


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I've been telling my fellows about bearish but yeah bullish won't come in 6-7months. So it's better to deal with bearish market

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1 year ago

I think this bear in the January is a sign that there is an upcoming bull run and everyone should take the dip opportunity.

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1 year ago

I feel psychologically weak when the governments run legal suits against the blockchain-based decentralized startups, such as the companies owning XRP and LBRY Credit or LBC. If the government regulators rally to enforce legal investigation in people's personal computers, the life of the crypto-investors will be completely ruined.

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1 year ago