Prologue in Love

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In the silence of the dark starless night, a glimmer of light flashed in the eyes that were now starting to age. Together with memories of the journey of the times of life in the word love.

A past story about him, where when he was still a strong young man accompanied by the presence of his bones which were still as strong as steel. A story about memories of past journeys in a world that cannot be changed is also not easy to understand, along with the passage of time that continues to accompany life.

Fino is his name, along with the night breeze with a colorless swish has brought an old man who somehow re-entered into a story of his own past.

About the various kinds of journeys that he has gone through, when he remembers the time when he played soccer with his little friends where when his little feet were still full of thousands of strength to be able to run and step on the broad grass. Fino while pointing at himself who was still a child at that time.

Then by moving on to the circumstances around him that have changed towards a time where love grows by itself and without realizing everything the dream of the final word has been united.

In those memories, soft words were spoken in the heart but full of determination in the soul, asking himself would you like to accept her as your wife in a state of joy and sorrow?” he asked himself.

With a thousand heart steadfastness about oneself without any doubt about the future that will be passed along with the word will accept it under any circumstances or conditions.

Fino looked at himself so immersed in thousands of happy and sad memories, it seemed that time was bringing him to times where God was reminding him of the meaning of life that had happened.

In the stretch of memories and stories of life that will continue to pass with a full variety of full and implied meanings. Together with someone who is currently holding his right hand who is none other than his wife and the woman who has accompanied him through time until now.

But suddenly Fino woke up in all these daydreams, which turned out to be just a hallucination that occurred to the journey that had happened to him. Events that have happened and may not be repeated, and on the basis of his longing that is approaching about the journey of the past. Making Fino only able to smile at an old woman, the woman he loves so much in joy and sorrow.

Aware of the time period for them to have entered a period where it is time to take a long rest and live the remaining time of love so that they can always give light to the dark and fragile soul in the time they are now living

Fino with a smile faced a woman who had accompanied him throughout him lifetime until now, while tightly holding her hand which was covered with skin that had shriveled up and in fact wouldn't be able to distinguish it again by his same fingers as her, and with full Fino's affection and affection lifted and gave the woman's hand a kiss and saying

"Thank you my beloved wife, thank you for giving love to me in peace and full of freedom, And thank you for being a part of my story journey until now and at the end of our time."

A prologue to old age filled with love. A prologue about the journey of love will accept each other. A prologue to the word memories in a dream of every human being. A prologue to the meaning of life that happens to every human being. Memories and dreams are like decorations in human daydreams when consciousness approaches them.

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This is so sweet. I was moved when Fino thanked his wife. This is what I want. To grow old with the person I love.

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