PoR from Binance, PoM from me, and PoP by crypto.

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If Binance might have the chance to provide their report in the form of Proof of Reserve, then this time I'm just making the steps slightly the same but different in words as my choice. I might eat it as Proof of Memory.

Of course, the goals and objectives differ from the interests of the actual needs made between Binance's PoR and my own PoM. Because this is just to relieve tension over problems that might exist, besides that, no one is harmed, right? Maybe even if there is, it's because I'm just using the polemic of an existing trend as a link from Binance's PoR moment so that those of you who are currently reading it can see, read or give a little refreshing green light. :)

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My Proof of Memory is not a record of incoming and outgoing crypto funds related to my personal life. Because if I did, it would probably only be embarrassing if disclosed. Proof of Memory is about taking screenshots from my mobile phone in the form of some raw notes which in the end have become the basis for many of the writings that I have made so far. Screenshots of the titles of articles that I write every day in the notepad application on my mobile phone, which I still keep as a memory of the existence of the authenticity of the writings that I have made.

Without realizing it, it turned out that there were quite a lot of them and maybe only some of them were saved or were still in my hands. Not including those made on the computer or in the email draft that I have.

But with the existence of the need for proof, such is the condition of existence that the form of proof matters when it comes to actual proof of what has been done. So that need in the crypto world was created as proof for reports if needed.

All transactions that occur with crypto have one major advantage over the conditions of payment using fiat money. If someone is shopping at a supermarket or shop that already uses a payroll system or cashier, they may have Proof of Payment or what is known as a shopping receipt. However, it is different from shopping in places that do not use a payroll or cashier system, such as the existence of traditional markets or small stalls that are usually found on every corner of the residential alleys.

The service or use of cryptocurrencies as a means of exchange has something very different from people's habits so far using banknotes or coins issued by banks which we are familiar with in the form of fiat currency. The advantages that turn out to be very clear and useful are not realized by crypto users in general. Where every transaction is always recorded and stored forever.

If in an audit or in the economic language of bookkeeping there will be problems in and out of funds that are reported, usually the condition of fiat currency is very difficult and requires many forms of evidence as a report that applies as the validity of a financial report. But with the presence of crypto, everything is actually made easier and concrete evidence can be made because the nature of the blockchain chain that runs on crypto is eternal or difficult to destroy. Nevertheless, of course, there are also exceptions and there is validity to the model of the type of transaction flow that occurs. So it is done with the conditions described in accordance with the conditions at the time the transaction occurred.

Crypto transactions are proof of payments that are safe and reliable. In fact, what is feared is the error condition in carrying out the transaction. Such as wrong delivery or other issues that can indeed occur in the crypto world. Because it takes honesty and clarity between the two parties involved, as well as an understanding of the use of the blockchain system used.

The word proof is a beautiful thing if everything that has passed from what we do gives something useful, especially for me personally. Never leaving a feeling of regret for his presence in life's journey until it becomes real and concrete evidence. Even though in reality it is not useful for other people, it is quite useful in my personal eyes.

Sometimes this is the beauty of life's journey from the conditions of life that occur. Even though it's small, it can also be juxtaposed with something big, even if it's just a joke. But at least it is one of the proofs for me personally to never get tired of looking for gaps in the existence of creativity that is so broad. Warm greetings from me, be enthusiastic in life and live everything you believe in with a smile and sincerity. Thank you for wanting to read through it. Greetings a piece of paper in the hope of happiness.


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