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Open or Closed

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1 month ago

To be someone who is not open does not mean closed. And for people who say that it is also not necessarily fully open to the public. Some say that people who are alone are more closed off. And sociable people are more open.

In fact, in general, if it is said that the nature of people who are closed and open, they must have their own privacy. In other words, of course, has a secret that is impossible for others to reveal. Talking from the problem, it can be said that their point of view and the way they get along have their own way which they consider to be their best characteristics and understanding.

Judging is easier than knowing the truth. So that in the end there are prejudices and judgments about the nature or habits of others. But that's how human nature is more curious and easy to judge has become commonplace from Sulu to this day.

Outside of discussing the issue of reassessment again on an open issue or not. For people who are usually open, it can be said that they have broad associations, many friends, easy to accept all conditions and usually it can be said that most open people are more up to date and not easily offended. In contrast to those who are closed, they have fewer relationships, close themselves to boundaries, and are usually easily offended so that in the end the nature of self-closure is created. More feelings of fear and shame than open people.

If it is listened to and examined, it is actually better and lucky for people who are more inclined to openness. Because being open and being more daring to appear makes him able to live a stronger life and not give up easily and see everything as positive. Logical thinking is usually preferred by those who have an open nature.

And for people who have closed more often alone and isolate themselves. Feeling that there is always something lacking in them and makes it sometimes difficult for them to get along and move forward for themselves.

In life, various things can happen, from the ups and downs of one's life or other things. A person's nature is so dominant that it reflects a pattern of habits and in the end, tends to a characteristic. Humorous, compassionate, patient, angry, indifferent, or otherwise is the formation of patterns and upbringing that can be taken from various things. Open or closed.

In the end, they highlight a more dominant trait because an open or closed attitude makes them more dominant in their respective parts of their habits or mindset.

When asked which one is dominant in us, of course, each of us has the answer or can be said to know it. But unconsciously it has formed a true identity. And people's judgment problems develop on the basis of what they see often.

If the virtual world is asked about the nature or attitude of a person who tends to be more inclined, I think the answer is not definitely according to his characteristics. The virtual sphere is more dominant to create an image of who we really are outside of the dream. Whether the problem remains the same or not, only each one knows. Because virtual formation is different from reality. And more dominant of course will be the unreality of the person for sure.

Virtual and reality are not the same. Mistakes and traits will certainly make a lot of difference in reality. Not to say the virtual world is full of lies. But in essence, the virtual world is more able to make a person hide or be open for real.

So that it creates a reality that is more realistic than reality but can also create a non-reality-like reality.

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Written by   412
1 month ago
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As an extrovert, I am really an open person. I speak up always. But then I realize just like what you said on this, "Judgier is everywhere". People will always judge you. Either if you do good or bad. So that is why nowadays, I don't open up so much with others. I just keep it now to myself then try to look for a better solution instead

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1 month ago

Everyone in life has his or her life to live and as such, such shortcomings might be related to how they do things generally that are often seen as being closed persons especially when we judge from afar but the reality of the entire thing under this discuss here is very clear being having one's attitude that really defines them

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1 month ago