~ Language of Love ~ Part-2

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"After I studied it at a glance, it looks like I have found a suitable form of land in the dwelling. I can't wait to make the picture." Linda said.

"So you have an idea?" Asked Mr. Andrew in disbelief. (Language of Love part 1)

After signing the contract agreement, Mr. Andrew introduced Linda to his staff one by one. Linda's presence in her office will certainly play an important role. So thought Mr. Andrew.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, a senior secretary." Praise Linda.

"Thank you." Said Lasmiranda who secretly felt jealous of the beauty of his new friend.

Then to Katrina the treasurer, Siska the receptionist, also to Arvan, a young engineer who has a bright brain.

"There is still one more staff member who is very influential here, he is in promotion but unfortunately he is placing an advertisement on one of the private TV stations." Mr. Andrew said after being in his office.

"I see they are quality young people," Linda said.

"Of course." Mr. Andrew said proudly.

Linda is placed in the same room with Arvan.

Arvan stopped his draft drawings when Linda approached.

Meanwhile, in the operator station, Siska is hosting a very eccentric young man. Her long hair was pulled back and then tied with an elastic band. The man claimed that his name was Andreas. Actually, the guy's face is quite handsome, but because of his careless makeup, Siska gets goosebumps.

"I want to meet your boss."

"Just now I was ordered by Mr. Andrew so that anyone should not disturb him. I am afraid of being scolded if ..."

"He's in his study, right?" Andreas interrupted.

"Yes, but he didn't want to be disturbed."

"Then I'll just go in."

"Do not!" Siska hurriedly stopped. "I'll be the one to blame."

"Okay ... okay. Then just tell your boss when I come." Andreas then turned his body to go.

"Shouldn't we wait?"

"No, I'll come again tomorrow." Andreas immediately walked away with his duffel bag hanging over his shoulder.


"Good morning Lin ... you are diligent, only seven o'clock arrived at the office." Greet Siska the next morning.

"My house is in this city, closer than the others. It was only fitting that I came first." Linda answered.

It was not yet past half-past eight, but Linda had already drafted the drawing she had drafted last night at home. She is excited about she's new job. As if she doesn't care about the working hours in she's company. All she knows, what Mr. Andrew has entrusted her is a responsibility.

Siska intended to go to Linda's office before eight o'clock. She wanted to know the landscaping and exterior models that his new friend had designed. But just about to leave, Hermawan appeared. Inevitably Siska gave up her mind. Welcoming a cool guy is certainly more interesting.

"Morning beautiful ..." said Hermawan. The twenty-eight-year-old man always greeted Siska that way.

The one who was greeted was just smiling. "Where have you been? This week you can't see the bridge of your nose." Welcome greeting from Siska, who is always spoiled with this guy.

"Ordinary ... don't you know what I'm busy with?" Hermawan poked Siska's cheek with exasperation. Of course, that made Siska frown.

"Our real estate ad, huh?"

"Yoa ..." Hermawan laughed out loud. But secretly he likes Siska's lips when she is pouting like that. Her thin lips are even more adorable.

"Eh ... Arvan's here?" Hermawan changed the subject.

"You know ..." Siska replied indifferently.

"Mad, yee?" Hermawan tries to seduce.

"Eh, tonight I want to invite you to watch, the film is good, you know, I'll pick you up at seven o'clock?" Hermawan started to set the noose.

Siska remains silent. Siska's heart actually cheered happily, but because of her resentment, she still didn't want to answer. Hermawan intended to say something to Siska but immediately canceled it when suddenly Linda appeared.

"Arvan has come Sis?" Linda asked.

"No, it's coming soon," Siska replied after looking at her watch for a moment.

Meanwhile, Hermawan just stared at Linda's presence. He had to secretly admit that this girl was truly extraordinary. Her beauty is ten times that of Siska.

"Hey ... dumbfounded," Siska said. She grabbed Hermawan's arm. The boy who is indeed a womanizer gasped, then smiled at Siska.

"New employee?"

"Yes, why? Amazed by her beauty?"

Hermawan smiled. "But so arrogant, what part is she?"

"She's going to design the parks and real estate exteriors." Secretly, Siska becomes very jealous of Linda.

Maybe Hermawan got hooked and dumped me, she thought.

Suddenly Arvan appeared with a calm smile. Siska quickly spoke. "Linda is waiting for you."

"Oh yes? Okay, I'll be right there."

That day Mr. Andrew did not come. According to information he went to the hospital because his wife Clara was sick. If Mr. Andrew is not present, then Hermawan will take care of everything. But because Hermawan, who is said to be fond of women, no longer has the dignity in the eyes of his subordinates, so much of that day's work was spent on sabbaticals. Except for Arvan and Linda who continued to carry out their duties well into the afternoon.

Six months have passed. The October wind hit the long black hair. Every now and then the hair fell over the elegant face of a girl who was standing tall. His eyes looked toward the expanse of empty land, staring at the workers who were managing the land.

The girl ignored the scorching sun which burned her delicate skin. There was something he apparently enjoyed. Especially if it is not the spirit of manual labor digging and transporting the soil. Also the laughter of the workers because of their jokes.

A Jeep Wills painted green suddenly stopped near the girl. Because the car is an open cap. Then the girl knows who it is. He turned to the young man with long hair who was left unkempt.

"I can't wait to get to work. My hands are very itchy when I see your drawing Lin." Said the eccentric youth without turning to the girl.

Linda turned around briefly, then smiled. The eccentric man is Andreas. An artist who is proficient in making sculptures and reliefs.

Andreas just met him a week ago.

"Be patient! Later there will be times when you work."

"How many months do you think we can finish our design?"

"Three or four months are over, but to be perfect it will probably take about one to two years. Plants need time to grow properly."

"I see that in recent days you have often daydreamed alone here, is there something you are thinking about?" Ask Andreas.

"The name daydreaming is wishing, not thinking."

"Then you daydream or think?"

"I was accompanying the worker. I saw them so excited whenever I was among them."

Andreas laughed. "Because you have a strong magical power. How can they not be excited if there is a beautiful girl in front of him who always smiles and buys cigarettes for them? Surely they feel appreciated."

"I realized. Without them, I couldn't do much. This is a working machine that must be preserved. They are also human beings who need recognition of their role."

"Regardless of what people say? Your coworkers, for example?" Andreas looked at Linda's face, who was so cheerful that afternoon.

"Just listen to it. Maybe their views are different."

To be Continue ....

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