Lake of a Million Memories

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Again I was pensive by the lake. Alone. Supposedly, today was a great day. Because soon I will officially become a junior high school student in Yogyakarta.

Oh yes, my name is Afdina, I live in Pesona Gading Cibitung, Bekasi. My house is close to an artificial lake called Lake Telaga Warna.

Lake Telaga Warna is still beautiful and well-groomed, because it is far from the bustle of busy Jakarta suburban residents who work hard to make a living. Every afternoon, many residents deliberately take the time to visit the lake with their families. They joked with family members while relieving fatigue after a full day of sweat to support their family.

Normally after school, I and my two best friends, Sinta and Alfian, take the time to just chat at Lake Telaga Warna. Even if the holidays arrive sometimes, we spend our time playing and swimming by the lake. Our house is located in one complex, namely Kompleks Cempaka, the complex closest to Lake Telaga Warna. So it's no wonder that we always play together in the lake. There are so many joys and sorrows that we spent together in that lake. The lake seemed to be a silent witness to the story of our friendship.

"Nduk, have you finished, haven't you tidied up yet?" My mother's loud screams interrupted my daydreams.

"A little more ready, ma'am." I shouted no less loudly.

“Don't daydream too much, honey. Do you need to help me? " my mother warned me.

"Hehe, yes ma'am. No need, it will be fine later, ”I replied with a grimace. I glanced at the calendar hanging in the corner of my room, clearly marked the super large writing in red ink "H-5 GO TO YOGYAKARTA". I looked out the window, sighed. It's raining outside. You can see the droplets of rain that have fallen soaking everything they have fallen on, bringing their own blessings to those who need them. I quickly cleaned up the things I wanted and needed to bring to Yogyakarta.

The rain started to stop. After confirming my tidying was done, I walked straight out of the house. I ignored the loud screams of my mother who was still cooking in the kitchen. Pretending not to hear is okay, right? Hehe… I immediately cycled to Lake Telaga Warna. My prediction is right. Already there Sinta. I walked over to him immediately.

“Dor! Thinking about Fian huh? Hehehe, ”I teased, patting Sinta's shoulder.

“Hush! Yes no, I'm waiting for you and Fian, where have you been, taking so long? ” joked Sinta put on a bored face.

"Yes, sorry. Where is Fian? " I asked, squeezing Sinta's nose. Sinta just patted. From a distance, Alfian is seen pedaling his bicycle. He waves our way.

"Why are you late again, Yan? Mr. Widodo's dog chased again? " teased Sinta, staring at Fian sharply. Sinta really hates it when people are not on time.

"Wow, wow, there are those who are sulking, sorry. I went to Af's house first, but her mother said that her Afdina had already gone to the lake. Then I'll come here, ”said Alfian who was still panting.

"What are you doing to my house? I didn't ask to be approached, "I said, heating up the atmosphere.

"I'm loyal, friend. Wlek, ”replied Fian while sticking out her tongue. Sinta just shook her head.

"Well, now I'm asking, why did you tell us to come here?" search Sinta directly on what she wants to know. I am silent. My mind wandered back far, far away. Until I didn't realize that Sinta and Alfian were still waiting for my explanation.

"Af?" exclaimed Fian while waving his hand in front of my face.

“I… want to say something to you. And I hope you are not angry ... "I said softly.

"It won't, we won't be angry," Fian cut in firmly.

"I .. was accepted by school in Yogyakarta. So the plan is for me to move there in about four days. I'm sorry if I have a lot wrong with you, "I said sobbing. Sinta immediately hugged me. Maybe he understood what I was feeling. I glanced at Fian who was still looking at me in disbelief. There was a look of sadness crossed his face. I feel even more guilty.

After my crying subsided. Sinta takes off his hug.

"Please, don't cry anymore. I want to see Afdina who is cheerful and rich again. We are happy how come you can be accepted there, right, Yan? "

"Eh, i-i-yes, Af." said Fian timidly.

"If you come back here don't forget the souvenirs, you know, Af." babbled Sinta trying to remain cheerful. I smiled in relief.

"Let's go home, I want the night," asked Sinta. Understandably, between the three of us, Sinta's house is the farthest from the lake.

"Okay!" I said and Alfian in unison. I, Sinta, and Alfian immediately pedaled their respective bicycles and returned home accompanied by the beauty of the twilight that began to fade and was replaced by night.

The last days before my move to Yogya, I spent pensive by the lake, a place filled with a million memories. Like that day. That day is the last day I can look at this lake, because tomorrow afternoon I will leave this place, start a new life. After dzuhur, I went to the lake, again. But this time, I was alone. Not with my two best friends. I want to cherish my own good memories.

I lay my body under a shady tree. I closed my eyes. I let the breeze caress my hair. The rustling of the leaves takes me back to the past. Recalling happy memories while I was in elementary school. Slowly, I opened my eyes, looked up at the blue sky. Making up my choice. My reverie rolled back the memories of my past.

I could hear a familiar song in my ears. I immediately returned to my senses. The longer it got, the clearer it got.

The strength of the heart that keeps the promise

Hold my hand friend

I will not leave you alone

Friend your heart

Do you remember the earthy morning dew

Who accompanies you before the light

Do you remember the wind that blows lovingly

The one who caresses you, friend

I immediately turned towards the source of the sound. Sinta and Alfian were seen walking slowly towards me. I immediately rushed towards them. The three of us were already crying.

Sinta immediately invited the two of us to sit under a tree. We were silent for a while, busy with each other's sobs. Due to being silent for too long, the atmosphere became even more awkward. Finally, Alfian opened the conversation.

"Af, I'm sorry if I have a lot wrong with you, I often mess with you, I often sulk and it's unclear with you. And one more thing, maybe this is the last time we can get together here, I was accepted at the Pondok Pesantren, Bogor. "

"Me too Af, I'm sorry if I have a lot of mistakes with you. I also forgive your mistakes, you often squeeze my nose, you are often late, and so on. Maybe Fian is right, this is the last time we can go to this lake together, this is the last time we can see the dusk together. " continued Sinta.

"I .. also apologize to you, because I know I have a lot of mistakes with you. I also forgive your mistakes, you who often cheat on my homework, you who throw me in the lake, and so on. " We smiled as we looked at the blue sky. Confirm the choice of each heart.

Now I realize. Separation is not the end of everything, it is the beginning to start a new life. Don't make the separation something sad, but make the separation a touching event, filled with sobs of joy. Rest assured that there will be a rainbow after it rains. I am very grateful to God for giving a piece of happiness that means a lot to me.

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