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The world of investment moves to the needs of an investor. Where these investors are people who have large or small capital as funders and also support the existence of an investment. What investors are looking for, of course, is profit not loss.

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But somehow the language of profit is sometimes misinterpreted and even misused in actions that ultimately harm the condition of existing investors. Such is the reality of the evil model of the playing economy. The perpetrators are master criminals who only take advantage of other people's wealth for personal gain on the basis of various things made in such a way called project investing.

The variety of these things is growing rapidly and is very diverse in its variants. Such as the supremacy of the existing banking world, currency, stocks, gold, and others. A little reflection on the existence of various kinds of things, if you think about it, there are things that should indeed be contemplated. And what are the reflections, maybe it can provide thoughts and reflections for others to enter the world of investment?

1. Bank

Customers for the Bank are the main investors. Not just the amount of money saved or other forms of existence of the Bank such as bonds or deposits. Their main offer at the main point is only one "Flower". But actually, the interest offered is not comparable to the money saved, where the value of the money itself is not getting bigger day by day but getting smaller.

2. Dollars

Saving dollars may have been one way to make a profit for some people who have long played with fiat currency conditions between countries. Unfortunately, the condition of people who save Dollars has a bad tendency for human beings actually. Where the hopes and benefits they get are only from the formation of hopes for economic problems and crisis conditions. For them, the more chaotic the economy is, the greater the profit. Their hope is always for a rate hike, not a rate cut.

3. Stock

In stock conditions, it may be better to form the expectations of people who play stocks compared to the Dollar currency. Why, because their hope is a stable economy, and the absence of war or crisis is always hoped in the stock world. Where the better the economy, the greater the tendency of people to invest later.

4. Gold and Properties

As an option for ordinary people or small people. Maybe gold has been the choice in investing language since the first. Likewise with property, where the shape is like land or land that becomes savings in the long term. The surplus value of these two things is indeed very good as an investment that can be expected in the future. But the negative side is that it takes a long time and also quite complicated disbursement when urgent needs are needed.

5. Crypto

Crypto is present as a new instrument in the investment world. Although it is a currency, it is not the same as the dollar as a fiat currency. The hope of crypto is to fix the economic system that has been damaged by the world of banking and currency people as the value of the benchmark interest rate increases every time. While cryptocurrencies behave like stocks and share one common hope in the language of a stable economy, there is one drawback that has been a problem so far. Where the issue of the value of the price in a volatile market backfires and becomes a game for some people who want to destroy the condition of the crypto.

From the condition of a little view in the language of mere reflection, it seems that none of them are the mainstay of the language of investment. But at least it can be seen which one really offers the language of a fair economy and the hope that is born in each individual. So that it can be a benchmark for a safe and comfortable investment language actually.

The conditions seen from the pluses and minuses of each type of investment model are reasonable when it comes to investing. However, two things that exist, such as banks and currencies, such as the dollar, are two things that cannot be treated fairly and should be abandoned. Because a good economy is the hope of everyone who wants to feel whether it is a just and equitable economy. Instead of looking for problems, and crises, let alone conflicts, it is like creating the existence of war.


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Pretty on point explanation and observation on this topic. My thoughts on investments is a bit cleared now.

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