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Indonesian Music

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Music seems to be a soul entertainer. Both in every condition music can be used as a meditation or consolation in times of pain.

For Indonesia, which consists of several kinds of tribes, each tribe has many kinds of music. Each has its own characteristics and also uses its own musical instrument that is not usually used in music in general.

If peeled off one by one, of course, the contents of this article will not be enough in one discussion. So this time maybe just want to explore or discuss the original Indonesian music globally or in our language, Indonesian people are called Nusantara music.

Music or types of music that are original from Indonesia but are actually not purely Indonesian products, because there are several types of music whose elements, if studied, come from several countries around the world. When viewed from the history of Indonesian music, it is strongly influenced by elements from Arabic, Chinese, Indian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Japanese. For all these countries, especially Arab, Chinese and Indian factors in trade, while the Portuguese, Dutch, and Japanese entered because of the colonial system in ancient times.

Some of the Indonesian music that was finally born also has a distinctive and very thick culture, several ethnic groups in Indonesia are presented in form and content. Some of the most famous and around the world are:

1. Keroncong.

This music is better known in the taste of Indonesian culture. Where he is often a representative for Indonesia to introduce Indonesia's culture in the arena of introducing Indonesia to all corners of the world. In festivals, as well as regular comparative studies, keroncong is often represented as performing music.

Keroncong music is thick with Java culture. More Java style and use the Java language. The keroncong musical instrument is also quite unique and distinctive. Like Gong, Kulintang or others. One of the world's most popular keroncong music is the creation of the Indonesian Maestro Gesang with his Begawan Solo song.

2. Dangdut

Dangdut music is known for its type of music that plays and invites the listeners to dance. Dangdut music is actually thick when studied with elements of music brought from the country of Indonesia. So it floats and has almost the same bend. However, the difference is that the presence of drums and flutes makes Indonesian dangdut music its own characteristic.

For one of the dangdut music legends who can bring the international scene, it can be said that H. Rhoma Irama. Many of his songs have earned him various international and even national awards. The likes of every circle are unlimited because the version of the dangdut that he brings is very easy to digest and not boring.

3. Campursari

Now, this one music can be said to be a combination of various types of music combined with gamelan which is usually accompanied by music. In antiquity, the singer was more identical to the so-called Sinden. Gradually following the progress of the times, he created a type of music that was a combination of the existing types of music, so it was called Campursari. There are very many fragments or types of Campusari from Congdut, Koplo, or others that now exist.

The point is to mix all the music that is currently trending combined with gamelan so as to produce local music with the progress of the times. One of the most famous and popular are the works of the late Didi Kempot.

Apart from the various types of music, many maestros in the music world are born from each of the works created. Bringing the fragrance of the name of the Indonesian nation and making people more familiar with Indonesian culture.

Yes, maybe those are the only three that I can discuss music problems originating from Indonesia. Of course, there are many more, but if it is said that Indonesian music can make Indonesian music proud, perhaps what is often heard is new from these three types of music.

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Listening music is one way of relaxing yourself from what's happening arounds you. Music brings you comfort. And it can change your emotions also from sadness to gladness.😊

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1 month ago

Music makes me feel relax. For me , I think without music my life is boring.

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1 month ago

Dangdut music is popular and catchy. I didn't know about keroncong and campursari although I have heard of the song Begawan Solo. Thank you for introducing some popular Indonesian music genres.

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1 month ago

I am also a big fan of music. Your music seems like also interesting by your description but unfortunately I didn’t understand Indonesian language.

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1 month ago