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Human civilization - Moral for the word manner

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The importance of education, the importance of the existence of knowledge, the importance of rules, and also the importance of religious humans, is the existence of reason and lust that distinguishes humans from other living creatures.

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Human civilization from era to era has given birth to various events which are filled with stories of how the formation of human nature which has reason and lust has recorded a lot of history. It's both a good thing and a dark history. The presence of all of them is based on the condition of moral issues that are so important in the journey of human life.

Moral issues are regulated in the order of human attitudes which can ultimately shape the human character, which in the end will give birth to the conditions of knowledge, education, and rules in every religious belief. Aims to provide a point of the virtue of moral words that can be taken as lessons to improve the conditions and existence of poor manners that were lived by human civilization in the past.

From these lessons, it turns out that human nature is present in conditions of arrogance, envy, environment, arrogance, and all kinds of bad qualities that exist in humans that are present by the existence of lust. Where lust works by destroying the conditions of existence of the high value that humans have from other creatures, namely reason.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Human beings are the best compared to other creatures, where for example with the presence of the word ordinance. With these words, humans can look different from other living things. Distinguish between humans who dress, live, and relate, even to the smallest things such as how humans eat and clean themselves and defecate.

So if there are humans who are still free from the word unimportance of moral issues, it also means that humans should be prepared with conditions if they are said to be unreasonable and only follow their desires. Where the existence of decency that is owned can certainly be said to be an uncivilized human being.

This is not a matter of culture, customs, or freedom of human rights. But this is a problem for humans themselves basically. Those who have reason should think it would be better to use their minds to question what living beings are they really.


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Written by   821
2 months ago
Topics: Write, Free write, Moral, Human, Life, ...
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