How to use Crypto as payment, top-up e-wallet in Indonesia

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Coin payment is a service provider that supports quite a lot of payments using crypto. But unfortunately, the problem that is quite burdensome for us is the problem of fees every time we make a transaction or payment. Usually, we think that it is easier for us to store our crypto in one service, moreover, the service offers many conveniences.

But actually, that's a step of wrong thinking. Because in crypto we also have to be careful and think about various other things. One of them is the problem of transaction fees.

Since I am in a country where the law has legalized crypto as an asset but it has not been accepted as a currency, it is still necessary to make an exchange from an asset to a recognized currency.

Coin payment is a service provider that bridges all payments in the form of crypto. The service is quite good, fast, and many applications for payment needs in my country that the application also uses. The problem is if we store or put our crypto on the Coin Payment fee and the minimum withdrawal problem when we want to withdraw it is quite large. Here I try to give a little input to users who use coin payment services, you should not save them or make a deposit in a Coin payment wallet.

So the best thing is to use your own wallet or don't need to make a deposit on the Coin Payment wallet.

To make payments with small and fast transaction fees for me, only a few cryptocurrencies can be done. I usually use bitcoin cash, ripple, stellar, doge, and dash. While using bitcoin or ethereum seems quite costly and also time-consuming.

For example, if I want to make an electricity payment, I use the auto pulsa application and choose the payment method via coin payment. Then I just need to send the amount of payment requested by using the electron wallet directly. Without making a deposit to the Coin payment wallet. I do this because when I want to make a crypto withdrawal that is on Coin Payment for other things, a large minimum withdrawal fee is charged and also the minimum withdrawal value. For the bitcoin cash coin problem, I use the electron wallet as the most trusted and easiest wallet I use at this time. Both on my computer and on my cell phone. I have never deposited or stored crypto on an exchange wallet for my safety so far. Because in crypto we must know and always remember the word "No key not your money".

Top-up for e-wallet

In addition, I also want to provide input on how to top up an e-wallet that has been recognized in Indonesia. Like Linkaja, Dana, and OVO.

To top up my e-wallet with crypto, I usually use a second application with Auto Pulsa or one of the fastest and easiest exchanges in Indonesia, namely Triv.

But each has advantages and disadvantages. For cheaper administration fees on Auto Pulsa, unfortunately, the TopUp provided is still in small quantities.

As for Triv, the excess amount of Top-Up is not limited, it's just that the minimum top-up must be above Rp. 50.000,00,-. The advantage of Triv is the speed factor which is quite fast. Don't forget Triv because as a registered exchange it means that it also supports directly making bill payments or other things. It's just that it still has to be changed to currency first and unfortunately the fee is quite large in my opinion.

So that's a little information or input from me for crypto users who may be new or involved in the crypto world. I hope this helps a little from the purpose of this paper. "Apart from the problem of mentioning the service, brand, or application in question as an explanation, I do not intend to advertise. All purely based on experience and safe and good providers in my opinion so far I use or advance a product or service." If there are other inputs or additions, please add them in the comments column.

As input and closing, I also always remind people in the crypto world to always do research and don't easily believe in an excessive offer. Considering that the virtual world is now increasingly being targeted by cyberspace crimes.


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It's really wise to know what works for us and to be aware of the fees when we do transactions. Here in my country I only know of one trusted site that I can pay my bills using bch. It has minimal fee. I have yet to explore other sites if there are available.

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